Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hatchick!

Today we celebrate the birthday of our youngest daughter, whose fondness for hats--from her baby days right up to the present!--earned her the nickname "Hatchick" on this blog.

She's turning 13 today--which means I now have three teenaged daughters! They're all truly wonderful girls; I'm really blessed, and can only say that my mother's occasional frustrated wish that I'd have children just like me did not come true. :)

Hatchick is a terrific young lady: smart, funny, with a great sense of humor and many talents. She enjoys reading and science (particularly meteorology) but is not too grown-up to play, and especially enjoys playing with the "girl cousins" who are closest to her in age. She sends out a daily newspaper to our extended family members which includes her popular comic strip titled "Sneaky Ninja Dude;" his adventures keep her younger cousins--and her older sisters--and some friends--and, frankly, me too!--in stitches.

Hatchick is interested in the world around her and not intimidated by much at all. She is--and I know this will scare some of my regular readers!--decidedly to the right of me politically on many issues. Watch out, world!

Since she is 13 today, she is now entitled to write part of this blog post herself! So without further ado, I introduce to you: Hatchick!

Hello, I'm Hatchick, and as Mom said, I love hats.

The daily newspaper that I send out is based on articles that my family and friends send in to me, and the comic strip, "Sneaky Ninja Dude," which I draw on the computer.

I do have views on politics, and I can't help but feel that even with laws, and other things meant to help us retain order in the U.S.A., everything is in one large, jumbled, conglomerate of a mess. Sure, everyone likes us to think that everything is under control, but is it really? For example: we are fighting in different places for different reasons. But why are we fighting these wars? How exactly are nations and countries supposed to solve their differences by attacking each other? War gives each nation a sense of distrust for each other, so how are other countries supposed to make and keep peace with the U.S.A. if they don't trust us to hold up our end of the bargain? Such peace is weak.

Sorry, once I get started it's hard to stop.

I am excited about being a teenager and hope in future to try my best with school (even algebra....). Playing is fun for me. I like to make tents out of pillows and blankets because I enjoy them, and our cats enjoy them too! (Sometimes I have to rebuild the tent, due to a cat jumping ON TOP of it!)

I really couldn't have a better family and I love them all. :)

That's all for now! :)

That's my girl! Happy birthday, Hatchick--it's a privilege being your mom, and watching you grow up. I know these next few years will go by very quickly from my perspective!


The Ranter said...

If all teenagers are growing up to be that eloquent, I will stop despairing of the future of this country. :-)

Charlotte (Waltzing Matilda) said...

Happy Birthday, Hatchick! Your cousins hope you liked the Special Edition Newspaper with Sneaky Ninja Dude comic that they sent out to the family this morning! Let us know if it didn't make it to you.

Aunt Charlotte, Uncle Sean, The Professor, Sunshine, Shortcake, BigBoy and Baby Cupcake

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Hatchick.

Your concerns about the world tell me that you are paying attention. Good for you.

But don't allow yourself to get too overwhelmed with the big picture - not only at this age but ever. The world has always seemed chaotic and unmanageable to those who pay attention.

The kindnesses you can offer every day, to every person you meet regardless of whether or not they agree with your point of view, will do more for the world than you can know. Your own heart is where you heal the world. Never stop examining your conscience, or checking to see whether your own behaviors have lived up to it.

If everyone did that every day, some of the bigger problems would take care of themselves.

We are frail beings with many opportunities to fail and do the wrong thing. It's taken me 57 years to realize that a desire to fix everything and correct everyone only causes more suffering.

Your family is raising you in a faith that requires constant self-examination. That is such a head start in life.

Peace and happiness,


freddy said...

Happy Birthday and God bless you from the whole clan up here! We love your comments and applaud your wisdom. You are truly growing in grace every day.
Lots of love and prayers!

Mike in CT said...

Happy Birthday Hatchick! Many years to you!