Monday, June 6, 2011

A short post about air conditioners and Bishop Finn

In keeping with my "not really blogging this week" promise, I give you the following:

1. Prayer request: our air conditioner broke last night. On the bright side, the company we usually work with was able to get out here before 11 a.m., the problem was fixable, and it was fixed. On the not-so-bright side: the repair cost over $500. Still, we might have been stuck in a week of upper 90s temps trying to get a new unit installed at a cost of six or seven thousand dollars instead--so we're grateful that the repair was both possible to complete today and that the cost's "ouch" factor wasn't increased by at least a power of ten.

2. This is a start in the right direction:
As bishop, I take full responsibility for these failures and sincerely apologize to you for them. Clearly, we have to do more. Please know that we have --- and will continue to cooperate with all local authorities regarding these matters.
It is, however, a start. I'd like to see two more things: the avoidance of the "weasel words" like "mistakes were made" or "people were hurt," and a clear policy moving forward which says something like this: "If you call the chancery to report something suspicious involving a priest or church employee, we will call the police, and we want you to call them too. There will be no more dithering about whether a nude picture of a child on a priest's computer is a problem. It is. If somebody maliciously uploaded it and the priest in question is pure as the driven snow that will be revealed in due time in an investigation. Our concern for the possible innocence of a suspected priest or other adult employee will come second to our concern for child victims from here on out."



PatO said...

Bishop Finn, we know you failed,
We also know you'll soon be jailed,
the time will come
when all the scum
that helped you also will get nailed.

Kathy Schiffer said...

I find I'm changing my hard-line view re. "Act First, Investigate Later." I know a priest, a good man of God, who was falsely accused. Per the Dallas Charter, he was removed first, investigated later. He lost his parish, his faculties, his reputation. The accuser has admitted she lied, but how will he ever get his life back?

This is America, where people are innocent until proven guilty. Except for priests.

Red Cardigan said...

Kathy, I know that sort of situation is terribly unjust. I'm also not sure what to do about it. We failed for too long to take accusations of clergy misconduct seriously--now it seems that we may end up erring in the other direction.

But in this case, there were disturbing photos, and still nothing was done for some time. We can't just leave children at risk, either.

thomas tucker said...

My recommendation remains- never ever go to the local bishop if you think a priest is doing something illegal. Go to the official POLICE DEPARTMENT first and let them and the bishop sort if out later. Honestly, that is one thing I've never understood about these scandals from the very beginning- why would a parent who thinks his child is being molested go to the bishop to complain? CALL THE POLICE.
Sorry for the caps.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

In the situation Kathy describes, the priest should be publicly reinstated with great fanfare in his parish, with a family picnic to celebrate his exoneration, and perhaps a Te Deum mass (I'm not up on the requirements for a Te Deum, I just know there was one celebrated when Toussaint Louverture drove the British out of St. Domingue).