Monday, July 11, 2011

Blogging will resume...

...when I get the better of this stupid migraine that has been beating me up all weekend.

Anybody know a good dinner recipe that doesn't involve, you know, standing up?

Kidding...the girls are helping. I'm very blessed.

And I'm offering up the pain and frustration of this stupid thing for all those spiritually harmed by this scandalous event...but more about that when I can actually blog again.


Kimberly Margosein said...

Oh, the humanity. Acting like gays have souls or human dignity. It's not like they were embryos.

Patrick said...

I read the article: I couldn't tell what was "gay" about this Mass. Was it a Mass physically attracted to Masses of the same sex?

What really bugs me is that the priest thinks homosexuals are *outcasts*. Where has this guy been for the last twenty years? Homosexual behavior is roundly accepted in elite circles: heck, billionaire Mayor Bloomberg campaigned for gay "marriage". ex-First Lady Laura Bush supports gay "marriage". The judiciary in several states support gay "marriage". The New York Times supports gay "marriage".

What are homosexuals "outcast" from? The very prestigious and snobby circles of orthodox religious people and "rednecks"? We're the peasantry. I'm amazed that, with corporate America/Hollywood/elite money men/most of the news media on one side of the issue, homosexuals could still be considered "outcasts" by any sentient being.

Patrick said...

Also: a dinner recipe that doesn't involve standing up - Scotch and soda.

Turmarion said...

[A} dinner recipe that doesn't involve standing up - Scotch and soda.

Or gin and tonic! ;)

LarryD said...

Rum and coke!

John E. said...

Or husband and/or older children taking kitchen duty.

Patrick: out here in rural East Texas, the rednecks typically don't get worked up over homosexuals.

We're all 'live and let live' out here.

Patrick said...

@ John:

"Patrick: out here in rural East Texas, the rednecks typically don't get worked up over homosexuals."

John: look at the Proposition 2 county-by-county map. East Texas counties voted to protect traditional marriage at astonishingly high rates (80%-90-something%). Now sure, it ain't like "rednecks" or anyone else go around yelling loudly about their views on homosexuality, but when gay "marriage" was put to a vote, it was rejected by cartoonishly large margins in East Texas, and I'd imagine in every rural county in America where it is put to a vote.

I said "redneck" for comedic effect, though; I was just trying to heighten the distinction between the elite institutions in America that are tolerant of/supportive of homosexual behavior and the places and people who oppose it. Usually, when you've got a coalition comprised of the editorial board of the New York Times, Wall St., academia, Hollywood, traditional news media, etc. on one side of the issue, you're not considered an "outcast". Every elite institution in this country curries favor with homosexuals, and I thought it was pretty ludicrous to say homosexuals were cast out of anything.

Patrick said...

@ John:

I googled around a little bit (sounds like a sin, but isn't!). Here are some links for your perusal.

First is the county-by-county map for Prop 2:

As you can see, the rural parts of the state and East Texas vote to protect traditional marriage in eye-popping numbers.

Also; apparently every major newspaper in Texas wanted people to vote *against* Prop 2:

So basically, you've got a coalition of traditional media plus Travis County (Austin) arrayed against what I would call "regular people" from Texas. For a sympathetic priest to call homosexuals "outcasts" when the major newspapers, cultural and academic center and whatever is in their favor while a bunch of cowboys and Baptists are against 'em is laughable. (Fortunately, this is Texas so the cowboys and Baptists can run up big electoral wins, haha.)

John E. said...

Patrick - ah, you are talking about whether or not East Texas rednecks are going to vote for gay marriage - no, I'll admit that isn't yet happening.

What is happening is that they are living openly without fear of violence against themselves or their property.

Patrick said...

@ John E.:

"ah, you are talking about whether or not East Texas rednecks are going to vote for gay marriage"

All I meant to say was that, in the linked article, the priest said, "Be with the outcasts. Be with those relegated to the margins." And I thought that was dumb. I don't see how anyone could believe homosexuals and their allies are "outcasts". Every elite institution accepts homosexual behavior as a valid personal choice, and some elite institutions think it ought to be the basis of a "marriage". According to you, people in even the most conservative part of the country aren't running around "getting worked up" about homosexual behavior. That just goes to show how *NOT outcast* homosexuals are. Unlike, say, a black fellow in the 1940's or a Jewish fellow in the 1920's or an Italian fellow in the 1900's, homosexuals face no institutional resistance, and in fact, their best allies exist in the "high places" in America - the media, the courts, academia, corporate America, etc. So the talk of homosexuals being "outcasts" is pretty laughable.

Ok, that's enough from me...

Geoff G. said...

Hope you feel better soon, Red!

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Since, as I write this, Erin has informed us that she is back on her feet, I would just like to make an extraneous remark about recipes. I can no longer afford beef, even on sale, which is the only time I ever bought it, so I have resorted to pork picnic shoulder. It works fine baked in a closed dish in the oven with vinegar and brown sugar for three hours. After discarding the fat and bone, add barbecue sauce to taste, and simmer a little longer.

You do have to be on your feet, but I got it for $1.49 a pound.