Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The blog days of August

The current temperature where I live: 107 degrees. And it might reach 108 before the temperature quits rising.

So instead of writing a long blog post today, I'm going to link to a few things I think you might be interested in:

If God had a blog (hat tip: Deacon's Bench). The New Yorker's Paul Simms' take on God's blog post is funny--but the "comments" are way, way funnier. Oh, my.

Cheeky Pink Girl is a bit fed up with the Catholic blogosphere. She kindly exempts this blog. :)

Mark Shea has some interesting quotes from the fundamentalist Christian terrorist in Norway. Sounds more like something Dawkins would say.

Simcha Fisher sez u cant uz txt wrds 'n lolcat chat if u want to be tkn srsly re: God 'n bleifs. I agree.

Robert King doesn't have pets. But he thinks pets have a lot to teach us anyway. :)

Last, but never least, my husband shares a funny video on his blog--the Apple Store employees are put to the customer service test. I liked the pizza delivery and the Darth Vader iPhone bit the best.

Stay cool! (Except, of course, for my readers in New Zealand, who should stay warm.) :)


Kimberly Margosein said...

So you are finally acknowledging you are a creationist?

Red Cardigan said...

Um...I believe that God created the world, yes. How He chose to do that, whether He utilized such mechanisms as the big bang and evolution, is His business--which means that the Church has no particular problem with the scientific theories of either, and nor do I.

But I'm surprised--why would you think I'm "finally" acknowledging that I'm a creationist (by which I think you mean not what I wrote above, but the idea of literal seven-day creation etc.) based on this particular blog post? Is it the link to the New Yorker bit, which I find funny and well-written?

Kimberly Margosein said...

No, it was based on your comment on Mark Shea's quotes.

Red Cardigan said...

I'm still confused. Why would pointing out that the Norway shooter sounds more like Richard Dawkins than, say, Jerry Falwell make me a creationist?

Kimberly Margosein said...

The two quotes were so sensible as to be truisms. One does not have to be Dawkins to respect science rather than superstition.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I won't run on at great length, but having carefully studied the way the first two chapters of Genesis provide a firm foundation for evolutionary biology, I find Dawkins to be a disgusting navel contemplating author of B-grade fiction, not a scientist.

The Selfish Gene, for instance, which I finally read cover to cover once I could get a copy for fifty cents at a rummage sale, is pure speculation at best, and fantasizes a chronology and impetus with no scientific basis at all. There is no evidence in the rocks or the chemistry to suggest that DNA was fully developed and then built cells around itself. A solid argument to the contrary is found in Michael Russell's "First Life," American Scientist, Vol. 94, Jan-Feb 2006, p. 32.

The "creationist" pablum generated by the tunnel vision of certain Protestant sects is NOT one of the errors that anyone could criticize the RC church for. The treatment of Galileo was problematic, but John Paul II offered a sincere apology for it, albeit a few centuries late. Leo XIII joyfully greeted the misnamed Big Bang theory as entirely consistent with Biblical teaching, which of course it is.