Monday, August 29, 2011

Blogging break

I will be taking a week-long blogging break from posting here at And Sometimes Tea (and my other two blogs as well, but as those are updated so sporadically no announcement is really needed).

The reason is quite simple: that stupid summer cold I've been battling for a month now finally drove me to the urgent care doctor on Sunday, whereupon the following internal dialog occurred:
Stubborn redhead: Great. I'm at the doctor's office on a Sunday. For a stupid cold. I'm a world-class wimp.

Rational redhead: I've had this "stupid cold" for a month. I've been coughing for a week, a week, I might remind me, in which I got nothing done, got almost no sleep, and didn't even make Mass this morning because I was coughing so much I would have alarmed the entire congregation.

Stubborn redhead: But that's only because it's a small church. And the fever this morning--low grade. No big deal. I'm a world-class wimp. Why didn't I wait and call the doctor on Monday?

Rational redhead: Because I might not have gotten an appointment right away. And I'm tired of sleeping in 30 minute snatches between coughing fits.

Stubborn redhead: I know what's going to happen. The doctor's going to come in, and she's going to pat me on the head (figuratively speaking) and tell me it's a virus and there's nothing she can do and I should go home and get some rest and drink some juice.

Rational redhead: Maybe...but I have been resting and drinking juice for a month!

Stubborn redhead: Ha! My idea of "resting" apparently means sticking to the laundry, dishes, and cooking and putting the plans to clean out and reorganize several closets on hold for a bit. And blogging every day. And wandering around aimlessly doing chores in between blogging because it helps the writing process. And staying up past midnight to plan a literature schedule and finish the book orders for the upcoming school year. And as for juice--if you can call that "grown-up" Koolaid(tm)-esque sugar water "juice," I still don't drink nearly enough of it. I am here because I'm a world-class wimp, and that's exactly what the doctor is going to say...

Rational redhead: Hmmm. I really am a world-class wimp...
So when the wait was over and the doctor heard me coughing from outside the exam room and strode in saying in a cheerful, hearty, yet concerned voice, "You sound terrible! How long has this been going on???" I was paradoxically relived. And when she quickly and competently diagnosed a bronchial infection and wrote out a prescription for a potent antibiotic and also ordered an antibiotic shot right then and there, I was both relieved and grateful. The bottom line, for me, is that I may be a wimp, but at least I'm not a world-class one.

But I am going back to bed, in the middle of the day. Because even if she's wrong about the "world-class" wimp thing, my inner stubborn redhead had a major point about my idea of resting when sick. :)

And I'll return to the blog next week--or, if I really can't stand it and my poor children have to hold my hands down to keep me from typing, perhaps late Thursday or early Friday-ish. We'll see.


Otepoti said...

Praying for your recovery. God bless you.

Karen said...

Two years ago I made an appointment with my doctor solely because I had seen an episode of "House" in which a character learned from an employment physical that she had Stage IV lung cancer. I began the visit by telling the doctor that I was not usually such a hypochondriac, but I was obsessing to the point of insomnia so would she confirm that my headcold wasn't fatal? At the time, I had a persistent cough with no fever. Result of exam? Bronchitis, pneumonia, and a deep-system respiratory infection, which easily could have been fatal even for a healthy 45-year-old.

I am also, by the way, a natural redhead.

I'll be sending you my Protestant prayers and good thoughts.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Sleep is the best medicine... especially after taking the antibiotic, if prescribed. Get well soon, but take your time.

LarryD said...

Praying you make a full recovery.

priest's wife said...

a persistent cough could be Pertussis as well

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well, but grateful you got to the Dr., and I'm praying for your speedy recovery.

Rebecca in ID said...

I hope you feel all better soon!!!

MightyMighty said...

Wow, you're not only a redhead but Catholic! Irish too perhaps? :)

When I was in 8th grade I was SO sick, but felt like a drama queen for wanting to go to the doctor. Eventually when I could see my guardian angel and had this calm sense of, "I need to pray one last Rosary," I admitted to my mother that I was willing to go to the ER.

She didn't tell me until years later that after the doctor took my chest x-ray and vitals, he pulled her aside and told her, "Call a priest. She has about 12 hours before her last bit of usable lung is gone." Turns out I had advanced pneumonia and had probably been sick for quite a while. Seems that when you have no sense of "wimpy sick" versus "really sick", but have been raised on stories like Little House and True Grit, it's pretty easy to let things get out of hand.

Suffice it to say, I'm sorry you're so sick, but glad that you have this experience to see how much more you expect of yourself than anyone else could. Get well!