Thursday, August 25, 2011

Temporary comments policy

Because of a truly obnoxious troll calling himself/herself "Beth" who has been posting anonymously on this blog, especially below this post, I have had to turn off anonymous commenting for the time being. I very much dislike doing this, as many of my regular readers/commenters do not have "open ID" or Google accounts which will allow them to comment when anonymous commenting is turned off. However, "Beth" is becoming increasingly vile and using obscene language, and for his/her own sake it is best that I remove his/her ability to fling excrement around in the comment box.

Some of my regulars occasionally find my comments policy a bit frustrating, as I will let people get quite heated about issues they care passionately about. My response to this is: so long as they are heated about issues, but not flaming other commenters, they are welcome to continue. Civil discourse does not preclude strong and even passionate disagreement, after all.

That said, I have no problem taking action when lines are well and truly crossed. "Beth," who just showed up here today, is banned for behaving like an obnoxious child. He/she will probably try to spin this as "That blogger just can't stand for anybody to disagree with her and stand up for the TRVTH!!!" but to be honest, I have saved "Beth's" potty-mouthed rantings and can prove that he/she deserved to be booted, if that should become necessary.

To my valued regular readers and commenters: if you usually post anonymously because you don't have a Google account or open ID etc., you are more than welcome to email me your comments for the next few days, and I will post them for you--I believe we had to do this before, and though it's not a foolproof method it is less "clunky" for me than comment moderation (because that would stop everybody from commenting until I had the leisure to read through and approve all the comments, and that would make conversation pretty much impossible).

I apologize for the inconvenience, which I am sure will be temporary; it has been my experience that when trolls are deprived of their ability to misbehave, they will go find other places to indulge their juvenile pursuits. I am sure that I will soon be able to return comments to their usual friendly, open status for all, including the anonymous.

Your patience, as always, is appreciated.


Mark P. Shea said...

FWIW, I think you should let people like Beth have the floor. They demonstrate your point with piercing eloquence.

You devil you. ;)

Red Cardigan said...

I know, and I was tempted to leave "Beth's" stuff up so people could see just was. :)

But then "Beth" started spamming my old posts, too, and it just got tiresome.

Say, Dark Lord, does being called "devil" get me an extra ration of grog, or something? (Not that I'm not groggy enough, but it can't hurt to ask...)

Siarlys Jenkins said...

"That blogger just can't stand for anybody to disagree with her..."

My continued presence here disproves that accusation, although, we do agree sometimes.

Deacon Dean said...

You must be doing something right when even the "trolls" follow your blogging!!

I love your blog. Keep up the awesome work!!