Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome back, Rod Dreher!

I know that those of my readers who shared my fondness for Rod Dreher's old Beliefnet blogs will be thrilled to hear the news: Rod is blogging again! Details here:
As the late, great Justin Wilson would say, “How y’all are?” Things have been pretty good by me this past year, all things considered. A short explanation for where I’ve been is in order. Basically, the online magazine I was hired to blog for and to help edit shut down after a short run. I was unable to blog elsewhere, under the rules of the John Templeton Foundation, where I worked until just recently. The Templeton Foundation is a truly remarkable place, and I loved the people and the ideas I got to work with there. But in the end, I’m a writer, and I wanted to return to what makes me happy and gives meaning to my life. Plus, our country is in crisis, and it’s getting worse. I want to participate in the debate and discussion in the public square, especially because the things that I believe in and care about the most are under increased threat. Mine was an amicable parting from JTF, and I can say in all seriousness that my year and a half there changed me for the better. It broadened my mind and made me think of things that had not occurred to me before.
More here. And already, he's written about how Tina Fey helped him lose weight and how a gentleman named Paul Graham articulates important truths about doing what you love. I imagine there will be a foodie post soon. :)

I've missed Rod's presence in the blogosphere. He's an exceptionally fine writer with a unique perspective, a fearlessness in sharing his real self that I will never even approach (and thus admire greatly), a quirky sense of humor, and a great many insights into the diseases that are afflicting our nation and culture in this new era. So I'm glad to say (and I know other former Crunchy Con readers will join me): Welcome back, Rod! You've been greatly missed.


Alisha De Freitas said...

I missed him, too!

The Sicilian said...

Thanks for the heads-up! I, too, have missed him. Congratulations on your niece, too! What a pretty name she has.

Barbara C. said...

I'll have to check him out again. His posting did get kind of stale once he switched to the new gig (out of necessity I understand) here's hoping to getting the "old" Rod back.