Friday, October 7, 2011

Technology needs grace

I found this, from Bishop Vann's blog, rather beautiful:
What Steve Jobs did was link science and art. He took the empirical and made it beautiful. He did what even our fallen human natures can do. With concupiscence and all, and perhaps unawares of it, Jobs valued the natural and intuitive potential of technology. He knew that technology was the art of expressing what is already embedded within us. For the Christian however, we must ask, What is embedded within? What do we find in the human heart, in the human mind and ultimately in human nature? Well, this question is already answered, sort of. Christian anthropology tells us that as creatures, we are made in the image and likeness of God, but through the Fall, lost our original innocence. And so if technology is only an expression of our choosing, then as amazed as we are by our tinkering, we must know that the direction in which technology leads us, isn't going to be a surprise. It will lead us where we chose.

Like human nature then, technology needs grace.
Technology needs grace--because it is a product of man, and man is fallen and needs grace. Our age would do well to remember this.

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