Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kitten!

Today our oldest daughter, nicknamed "Kitten" on this blog, turns sixteen. 16!!! I can't believe it; it seems like yesterday, or last week sometime, that Thad and I were discovering that the doctor was going to induce my labor nearly a month early and our grand parenting adventure was going to start much sooner than we had anticipated. ;)

Kitten is a wonderful girl--smart, sweet, kind, responsible, competent in millions of ways, talented, artistic--I could go on and on. Today's birthday celebration included a shoe-shopping trip--her choice, and a reminder to me that these girls of mine are growing up so very fast.

As has been our tradition for the last few years, I will now turn the blog over to Kitten herself, so that she can say hello:

Hi! Kitten here. Wow: sixteen already. I can't believe how fast the year has flown by. This past year has been full of fun surprises and hard (school) work.

We started the celebration a little early by stopping yesterday at one of my favorite pet shops and looking at the animals there (that's right, Kitten, you were only looking at all those adorable cats. Just keep telling yourself that our two cats are plenty.) Today we went shoe shopping, and I bought two pairs of awesome high heels! I'm already taller than Mom, and the shoes make it even better. :) We also stopped in at yet another pet store and saw this sweet guy. I hope he finds a good family soon!

We went out for an early birthday dinner, and afterwards picked up ice cream to go with my cute birthday cake. We plan to enjoy the rest of this evening celebrating my birthday and New Year's Eve all in one.

Happy New Year to all my mom's blog readers!

--Kitten :)


Charlotte (Waltzing Matilda) said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl from all of us! I sure hope those awesome heels don't make you taller than me! Enjoy your birthday celebration! :)

Rebecca in ID said...

Kitten, I hope you are having a wonderful celebration! Clancy looks like quite the character. I have the curse of adoring cats but being terribly allergic to them! I would have five or six if I could. My four girls are not very happy with me about this.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Happy Sweet 16, Kitten. What an exciting age! Remember to keepGod first, allow your faith to continue to flourish, and know the years will fly by. So don't rush them further! Take tons of pictures, and then some more. And know that your mother is awesome. So awesome that she makes cynical, jaded Jersey girls stop. And smile. And believe.

God bless!

The Sicilian Woman said...

Belated Happy 16th Birthday, Kitten! I am sorry that you couldn't convince your mother that two cats are not enough! ;-) (I have 4 cats, and I'm actually down a cat or two!)

I hope you had a fabulous day!