Sunday, January 22, 2012

Choose goodness and life, not evil and death

Today is January 22, 2012, the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. If you are the sort of person who thinks that it's a grand and glorious thing for a woman to have the right to choose to pay a hired killer to rip her baby apart in her womb and suction out the pieces, I imagine you're going to celebrate today. (Here's a hint: don't bake a "deathday" cake; there's no room on any cake ever baked to put 53 million candles, one for each American 39 years old and younger who is not here today because his or her mother chose to pay an abortionist to end his or her life instead of allowing him or her to be born. Though I have to admit: if you're committed to legalized abortion on demand, you'd probably enjoy the symbolism behind snuffing out all of those candles.)

Now, I don't believe that most people who think of themselves in some sort of vague way as being "pro-choice" really celebrate abortion (though there are some who do). But I also think that most people who think of themselves in a vague sort of way as "pro-choice" don't really think about what they mean when they speak of "choice" in the context of abortion.

The wonderful Jill Stanek is hosting a blog event today to counteract all the baby-killing celebrating that will be going on in the pro-death world in honor of the 53 million women who chose to pay someone to kill their own flesh and blood. Jill's event is called, "Ask Them What They Mean by Choice?" because so many "pro-choice" people will go on and on today about "women's rights" and "reproductive freedom" and "personal liberty" and "the right to choose," and they will conveniently avoid words like "kill," "death," "feticide," "baby-killing" and similar words that define what abortion really is.

In fact, a simple definition of abortion might read as follows: an act which directly and intentionally kills an innocent human being at any point between conception and the completion of birth. "Pro-choice" people will rarely define abortion this way, though, preferring to leave the "innocent human being" part out of the equation. The human being in question doesn't count because she is small and totally dependent on her mother for a period of no more than nine months. Why, say "pro-choice" people, should any woman have to put up with nine whole months' worth of the inconveniences of pregnancy just to give another human being the chance to continue to live and to be?

Abortion is the choice to be selfish. Abortion is the choice to be afraid. Abortion is the choice to be abused by a boyfriend or pressured by one's parents. Abortion is the choice to turn away from the helpless person who needs you because you can't handle that reality of her existence and her need for you, her mother. Abortion is the choice to end that human being's life forever.

It's so tragically sad that women have become convinced that children are the enemy, that children are impossible, that a child will end their freedom or autonomy or happiness. Children give so, so much more than they ask for in return; any parent will tell you this. But abortion has been sold to women because some people think that women, in order to be free, must be like men: capable of meaningless sexual exploits complete with the ability to walk away from any responsibilities or consequences of their actions.

I'd like to end this post with a couple of images. First, this is what they--the abortion supporters-mean by choice: (Update: Picture removed.)

And this is is a picture of someone who chose to embrace God's will for her, a will that included marriage and nine children:

The woman I'm talking about here is the one seated next to the arm of the bench on the left (as you look at the picture), the smiling woman in the blue skirt. She is the mother of nine of the people in that photo; the other person, the silver-haired gentleman seated by the arm of the other bench, is the father. They are my mother and my father, and their choices for good, for love, for self-sacrifice, for life, are so completely opposite from the cold and selfish choice to abort the very person one has participated in creating that I can't even use the same words to describe such different choices. Because one is a choice for goodness and life, and the other is the choice for evil and for death.

And that woman in the picture, my mother? Today's her birthday. Happy birthday, Mom! Thanks for being a witness and an example of the incomparable goodness of choosing life!

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