Friday, February 3, 2012

I finally got around... signing this petition:

we petition the obama administration to:

Rescind the HHS Dept. Mandate Requiring Catholic Employers to Provide Contraceptives/Abortifacients to Their Employees

The present Administration, through the Health and Human Services Department, is mandating that all employer healthcare insurance plans provide coverage for procedures which violate the beliefs of the Catholic Church, and Catholic institutions.

Read the rest, and sign, here.

(I would have done it sooner, but several people reported problems with account creation the first time I checked. I figured that if I waited a day or so the technical glitch would have been fixed. In my case, I can report that the whole thing from account creation to signature took less than three minutes--so if you haven't signed yet and plan to do so, this might be a good time! More than 7,000 signatures are still needed to make the petition goal of 25,000.)


Anonymous said...

It took a bit of looking on the internet, but I did find the text of Ms. Siebelius' statement for the HHS at the end of January 2012.

I did not see anything about abortifacients, although the word contraceptive was used.

In quoting the document "...interim final rule that will require most health insurance plans to cover preventive services for women including recommended contraceptive services without charging a co-pay, co-insurance or a deductible... . Today the department is announcing that the final rule on preventive health services will ensure that women with health insurance coverage will have access to the full range of the Institute of Medicine’s recommended preventive services, including all FDA -approved forms of contraception. Women will not have to forego these services because of expensive co-pays or deductibles, or because an insurance plan doesn’t include contraceptive services. This rule is consistent with the laws in a majority of states which already require contraception coverage in health plans, and includes the exemption in the interim final rule allowing certain religious organizations not to provide contraception coverage. Beginning August 1, 2012, most new and renewed health plans will be required to cover these services without cost sharing for women across the country.

After evaluating comments, we have decided to add an additional element to the final rule. Nonprofit employers who, based on religious beliefs, do not currently provide contraceptive coverage in their insurance plan, will be provided an additional year, until August 1, 2013, to comply with the new law."

Notwithstanding an inclination to believe that 'given an inch, they'll take a mile' one has to realize there is separation of state and church in this country of America. The HHS reflects rights of US citizenship, not Catholic baptism. Not even 50% of Americans are Catholic. As Catholics, we have to ask ourselves where we are in promoting worth and care of individuals as Christian duty and are we ensuring our government is enacting rules and laws fair to all, under the Constitution?

Here in Indiana legislators just passed 'right to work' with implications that workers were not required to join unions to find a job, and so too this issue, workers are not required to ascribe to Catholic beliefs in finding a job.

On the other hand, killing viable fetuses or infants without medical rationale is immoral whether considered a crime or not, and one should realize that embarking on that venture is hell-bent.

This business about the difference between Catholic 'duty' and NFP is a crock. Either way it's abstinence and which is necessary to prevent unwanted children; female intake of doses of varying amounts of synthetic or equine-derived estrogen/progestin combinations prevent ovulation and birth of unwanted children.

As for bringing up the issue of horrible deaths, pain relief is usually a possibility, as well as hospice, and palliative treatments. The Church does support living wills and advance directives in medical decision-making as well as providing the Sacrament of Extreme Unction in Anointing of the Sick.


Anonymous said...

It's Sunday morning, and I'm still not able to create an account on the WH site.

David J. White

The Sicilian Woman said...

One more thing: Even given the relative anonymity here, I will not go into additional details of the conversation with my friend.

I will tell you this: It rocked my soul in its tragedy and irony. I see things more clearly now. My pride has taken a hit. And if anything is at the cause of humanity's ills, it's pride.

Remember Erin's birthday post for her mother? She nailed it. Rock on, sister.

Red Cardigan said...

This comment is from the commenter The Sicilian Woman. There was a slight glitch, so I'm posting this comment for her:

I have not voted in 11 years, not since 2000, when I voted for Bush. I've been so turned off by both parties that I've tuned out. I've never registered in the state of my current several years of residence.

But THIS, this direct, blatant attack against the Catholic Church (come on folks, even though the Church isn't named outright, you know damned well who the primary target is), which, last I knew was a religion, which, last I knew was protected under the First Amendment, THIS is the reason why I am registering this year and voting against Obama and every last liberal/Democrat I can. They might well be re-elected or voted in, but not with my vote, or my indifference, or my being passive.

This attack is not the first on our Constitution, by the Republicans or by the Democrats. But this attack is clear. It trumps every other issue out there; if this is successful, all hope is lost.

What is even more frightening is the fanaticism of Obama supporters that prevent them from ever considering that he could do such a thing. I was telling a friend why I was voting against him. She was shocked, and said that he couldn't go against the Constitution like that. I offered to send her the direct link to the HHS statement. At first, she was agreeable. Then she declined, saying, "I don't want to have my head in the sand, but..."

I was floored. This is a mandate, not issued by a Catholic nor other religious entity. It's a statement of action issued by and found on the U.S. government's web site; yet, her devotion to Obama is so blind, she doesn't want to read about his mandate. That's tragic intellectual dishonesty and bias cowardice. (Trust me, I read plenty of awful things about Republicans and conservatives. See my first statement.) The distant and not-so-distant results of this mandate, if it sticks, are going pull her head and that of every other clueless US Citizen out of the sand when it's far too late.

(written by The Sicilian Woman)