Thursday, April 12, 2012

We are experiencing technical difficultires...

...with that fridge I mentioned in yesterday's post.

Alas, it's not the lack of fridge-door sized cats, either (though I suspect our cats are both way too big to sit in the bins, I do not have the sort of death-wish necessary to find out for sure). It's that the particular fridge we bought and had delivered seems to be a bit confused as to this whole notion of "food-safe temperature," preferring to keep the fresh food section at a rather unhealthy 50+ degrees. It will, reluctantly, cool things off to 40 degrees if pushed to the near-maximum cold setting, but the second the door is opened to permit the removal of food, the fridge tries hard to return to its preferred 50-degree setting and stay there as long as possible before any sounds of incipient cooling return.

We've tried various things that troubleshooters recommend, but had to come to the conclusion that this particular fridge needs some serious help. Luckily, the big-box hardware store we purchased it from is willing to swap the fridge out for us rather than make us try to fix an appliance that has only been in our house since Monday; unluckily, no one around here has the model we bought, so we have to go pick a totally different one and then pray (and you know I mean that literally--who's the patron saint of appliances?) that this time around the refrigerator will work.

And I'm grateful.

Why? Because in today's economy, being able to buy a refrigerator and have it be nothing more than a slight inconvenience is something to be grateful for, and having stores with decent appliance-return policies is also something to appreciate. I know of families for whom a major appliance failure right now would be a financial catastrophe, and though we're far from wealthy it's a positive thing that we can purchase something of this price level and pay it off without incurring interest in a few months. I've also known what it's like to live in a rural area and have much more of a run-around (geographically and otherwise) to do some of the simplest things. And I know--who doesn't?--how frustrating it can be when you don't have good options or have experienced poor customer service, etc.

None of that is true here, so provided we don't repeat the "problem out-of-the-box" experience, we'll be good to go. Which makes me stop and think about how blessed we are, and how grateful I am for our blessings, even the ones I usually take for granted--like food kept safe from spoiling. And cats who are too big to sit in the fridge bins. :)


Roger Cook said...

I don't know who the patron saint of appliances is, but I know the patron demon of all technology is Murphy!

Red Cardigan said...

Amen to that, Roger! :)

miliukov said...

Hope you get your new fridge soon. I'm not conservative, not Catholic, and almost never agree with you -- but I have had a string of bad, bad refrigerators at a time when cash was indeed short. So losing a fridge full of food, and getting the darn thing replaced (like four times) was a stretch. Better times, and better fridges now -- but I still remember that frustration; and yes, it was always a weekend or holiday

Tony said...

You might want to check in your freezer to see:

1. That something isn't blocking the grate in the back that contains the fan.

2. The fan is running.

Good luck.

Red Cardigan said...

Thanks, Tony! We did check those things, but the freezer and fan seem to be fine. In fact, the freezer is keeping a great temperature, but the fridge just isn't! Which is weird, because this model doesn't have separate freezer controls.

Miliukov, thanks! :) We've ordered a different model that should come in tomorrow. From the little research I've been doing, it seems that all brands of refrigerator can occasionally have this problem with some units (e.g., fridge just not cooling properly). We might not even have known if our old one hadn't been acting weird, causing us to buy a couple of fridge thermometers--or, at least, it might have taken us a while to figure out that our food wasn't being cooled enough to inhibit bacteria growth. (And that would not have been fun...)

If I've learned anything, it's this: check your fridge temp from time to time! Food kept over 40 degrees for long periods can make people sick, even if you cook them later.