Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yes, I know I'm on break...

...but given today's weather, I wanted to do two things: first, be publicly thankful that the 12 tornadoes that hit our general area today totally missed us (we didn't even get hail!), and second, offer a prayer for those who were in the paths of these storms, and now face the difficult and dangerous job of cleaning up and digging out.
A Prayer to Our Lady in Time of Trouble

Holy Virgin Mary, you are reigning in glory, with Jesus, your Son.

Remember us in our sadness. Look kindly on all who are suffering or fighting against any difficulty.

Have pity on those who are separated from someone they love.
Have pity on the loneliness of our hearts.
Have pity on the weakness of our faith and love.
Have pity on those who are weeping, on those who are praying, on those who are fearful.
Holy Mother, please obtain for all of us hope and peace with justice.

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