Thursday, May 17, 2012

Late blogging--comment approval alert

Hi, all! As I posted in the comment thread below this one, I'm going to be busy with other projects etc. for most of the day today. Thus, I won't be checking the blog comments folder or posting a new post until much later this evening--if I can even do it then. (I've learned that sitting down at the computer in the midst of projects etc. "just for a second to approve blog comments" often turns into "where the heck did that hour go?" and so it's wiser for me to avoid that temptation).

I'm posting this only because we do have some popular/controversial posts from the past two days (the Legion one, and the gay "marriage" one), and I don't want readers to worry that they're being censored if their comments don't show up in a reasonable time. No worries. Keep commenting if you feel so inclined--I'll do my best to post the comments tonight!

Your patience, as always, is greatly appreciated.

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