Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life lesson

One of my "etc." to deal with today was a lengthy trip to the dentist. One ordinary(ish) filling. One "dig out the old filling and then shave the fragile remains of the tooth down to prep it for a crown and then fit and place a temporary crown on it" procedure. Total time in chair: three hours.

I learned a valuable and important life lesson today:

If a dentist offers you nitrous oxide, take it.

How is it that I have had four crowns, three of which involved root canals, and never knew this before?



Susan Miller said...

Eek, doesn't sound fun! I do know at nitrous oxide is also good for getting stitched up after birth. Really. I was pretty high on the stuff, didn't care about a thing. I'm the lucky person who's allergic to lidocaine and similar drugs, but the gas & air works great.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I tried nitrous oxide once. When I could neither feel nor control my arms and legs, I told the dentist to turn it off. That was much more frightening than the pain.

Red Cardigan said...
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Red Cardigan said...

Gosh, Siarlys, that's awful. I could move my hands/arms and feet/legs the whole time; I could respond to everything the dentist asked me to do (turn this way, open wider, etc.), and I never felt out of control. I was aware of everything--I was just floating on a lovely sea of "I just don't care..." :)

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I'm very happy for you.

(No sarcasm in that).