Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Message to DFW area readers/pet lovers

This post is a bit unusual, in that it's just targeted at my readers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who love pets--especially if any of you are actually looking for a dog or cat right now.

The City of Fort Worth's animal shelter is facing a crisis:

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Fort Worth Animal Control could be days away from the largest mass euthanization in its history if it doesn’t find homes for hundreds of animals.

“The need for adoption or rescue is immediate,” says Scott Hanlan, an Assistant Code Compliance Director with the City of Fort Worth.

Just last week, animal control officers picked up 600 dogs and cats.

The animals were taken to the Chuck Silcox Animal Shelter where they can only hold 400 animals.

The shelter works hard to get the animals ready for adoption, but they’re running out of space, thus putting all the animals at risk.

“Last week alone we had right at 600 animals come to our shelter which is significantly higher than usual for this time of year,” said Hanlan. [...]

Hanlan hopes a few hundred of the animals will be adopted by the end of the week. But if not, he says, “If we don’t have a sufficient number of folks who are willing and capable to take them out of the shelter…. we have to euthanize –– humanely euthanize –– some of these animals.”

The shelter's website and information is here; note that they are temporarily reducing adoption fees in the hopes that they will not have to euthanize so many of these sweet cats and dogs.

If you are a reader in the DFW area and you're thinking of adding a cat or dog to your life, won't you please consider seeing if your future four-legged friend is waiting at the Chuck Silcox Animal Shelter in Fort Worth? :)

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The Sicilian Woman said...

I am such an animal lover, so news like this breaks my heart. Our county is one of the poorest in the nation, and our animal shelter is underfunded and overcrowded to the point that many of the cats and kittens live outside of the shelter. The first time I dropped off two young cats there that had been abandoned by my home, I burst into tears in the parking lot when I saw the conditions.

Worse, so many people in our county are uneducated and/or neglectful in having their pets spayed and neutered, which just adds to the problem. St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us and our little furry friends.