Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer blogging ahead!

First things first: Happy Memorial Day! I hope that you are enjoying your celebration, and that you've had a moment to remember in prayer those heroes and patriots who have paid the ultimate price for our continued freedom.

Now, to business.

One thing that Memorial Day does for me each year is provide me with a visible reminder that the school year is ending (well, technically--does math ever end?) and that summer is about to start (again, technically--I know that the official summer start date is a bit later). Sometimes I've muddled through with my usual weekday daily posting schedule all summer long, and other times I've taken whole weeks off from blogging--and there are good points to both.

But this year I plan to try something different.

I need to get homeschooling things dealt with--grades organized, next year's materials planned and ordered, and so on. I also have several writing projects that have languished due to the busy end-of-the-school-year season, most notably this one, which is still in the works. In addition, we have some ongoing home maintenance and organization to do, and naturally our twelve-year-old dishwasher decided that this was an excellent weekend to start leaking rusty water all over the kitchen floor, so it may be a while before things calm down around here.

While it's severely tempting for me to take a whole summer off from blogging, I know that two things would happen: one, I'd lose that disciplined momentum that comes from having to write non-fiction opinion pieces on a near-daily basis, and two, I'd squander even more time writing fiction, some of which may never be publishable. What I would probably not do is take my "blogging time" and use it to do productive school planning, book editing, or home maintenance.

However, my self-imposed schedule of daily blog posts is also getting a bit wearisome given a) how busy things are getting and b) how much readership drops over the summer, as those of you above the Mason-Dixon line get to enjoy the kind of weather we won't see again until November. Some days I have LOTS of things I want to write about, and can barely stop myself from posting three or four posts (I do occasionally post two). Other days, I manage to post something, but my brain is thinking "Meh. Meh. Blah, blah, blah. Triple meh..." the whole time, and I have a feeling my readers can totally tell when that's happening (though, alas, I may be wrong, and the "Meh" posts may be the ones people like, while the bristlingly passionate ones may be the turn-offs).

So, beginning this week and continuing until Labor Day, I will do the following:

1. I will post on weekdays when I have something to say and the time to say it.
2. I will avoid posting on "Meh" days.
3. I will avoid posting on days when I have something to say, but no time to do more than toss up a schlocky, poorly-drafted, mediocre bit of writing.
4. I will occasionally post on weekends when "1" is possible.
5. I will reserve the right to go back to daily posting if all that happens is that I get lazy about the blog.

My plan now is to resume regularly-scheduled posting in September, because during the school year I know perfectly well that without a goal no writing aside from comments in the margins of my daughters' essays will ever happen.

As always, your patience with my blog-tweaking is greatly appreciated!

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miliukov said...

Red -- your Not-Conservative, Not-Catholic reader here. Have a good, slow summer and try to keep cool. --miliukov