Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mere merchants

I posted yesterday about the growing crisis of unemployment in America, but predicted that people would still spend more time and energy arguing that two gay males have just as much right as a man and a woman to be husband and wife to each other...oh, wait. I'm sorry; I'm using the old, archaic definition of marriage that defines it as a legal union of husband and wife.

Anyway, it would appear that I'm right, given that two of the big news stories so far this week are as follows:

1. The idiotic 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to reconsider a ruling striking down Proposition 8, because apparently gay "marriage" is up to the states, unless the states decide to ban it, in which case such bans must be overturned by judicial fiat; and

2. Not content with destroying their business by rolling out a confusing new pricing model (which I thought was interesting, at first, but quickly found less charming when I realized it amounted to a de facto price hike for us bargain shoppers) and appointing Ellen DeGeneres (whom, I'm sorry, strikes me as the least charismatic person in America, and it has nothing to do with her sexual orientation and everything to do with her dull and annoying speaking voice) as their spokesperson, JC Penney continues its slide toward possible future bankruptcy by ticking off the One Million Moms group with yet another gay "parent" set featured in their "Father's Day" ad. Because, I don't know about you, but nothing brings fond thoughts of fatherhood to me like contemplating two gay males hiring a reproductive prostitute to sell them her reproductive services and act as a human incubator and then hand over her child or children to them to raise! And saying that there's something wrong with this, that children need mothers, and that there's a reason evolution decided that parents should come in male/female couplings is nothing but plain old hateful bigotry (and, hey, if the little boy in the gay "dads" picture grows up heterosexual and can't relate to women because he's never had a mom, well, there's always online gaming to keep him happy).

Simcha Fisher had an interesting post today about how hard it's getting for us serious Christians to navigate the minefield that is corporate America today. Do we buy the cookies sold by children whose troop is heavily entangled with the group that wants to give explicit sex lessons to kindergartners, or do we support a different girls' organization which...wait, they also give to Planned Parenthood. Hmmm... Do we shop at the store that is shoving gay "marriage" into its customers' faces, or do we shop at the other store that...wait, they're also supporting gay "marriage," and are pretty openly anti-Catholic, too...

Decisions, decisions.

What I would like to know is this: when the hell did it become the job of mere merchants who sell me stuff to attack my faith, patronize my values, belittle my morals, ridicule my deeply-held beliefs, and openly seek to marginalize those of us who don't want this crap forced down our gullets every time we need a pair of shoes, a set of sheets, or a cup of coffee? When the hell did the expression change from "The customer is always right!" to "The customer is probably a Christianist bigot in serious need of Big Brother-style reeducation, served alongside his order of fries or his purchase of a tee-shirt!"?? When the hell did it become the job of some megalomaniacal soulless corporate sack of nothing to convince me that my morals are socially incorrect, when we all know for certain that the same megalomaniacal soulless corporate sack of nothing would push equally hard for the North American Man-Boy Love Association, a Cannibal Rights Group, or the Society to Unplug Grandma Before Her Care Costs Us Too Much To Let Us Gratify Every Consumerist Whim the minute holding any of those positions seemed like a good bet in terms of the soulless evil corporation's bottom line?

If the Mere Merchants whose sole purpose for existing is to sell stuff, make profits, and pacify the unreasonable demands of stockholders think it's their job to do any of the above, I've got news for them. They are nothing at all to me, nothing but insignificant sniveling upstarts who are only useful to me as long as I decide they are, and not a moment longer. None of the sheer crap they peddle is absolutely necessary to me or to my family or to our well-being or our ability to survive and function. They can be replaced by companies who want my business enough to know their place, to realize that I'm not about to be lectured or scolded by the likes of them, and to keep their mouths shut about their desired social engineering.

They can be replaced, and they will be. Starting with JC Penney, yet another store to make my Do Not Enter list in the recent past.


Pilgrim said...

The quality of Penneys' clothes has really gone downhill.

Anonymous said...

If I had known this about Penney, I would not have purchased my latest item. I am not going to write them tho. I am just not buying and if they ask why, then I will tell them. I don't think it was a wise move. But if the stupid courts get to keep vomiting out the nonsense, like the one in NM just today, then it is time to change the judges.

L. said...

You are free to patronize only establishments that align with your views.

Viva free speech and free enterprise.

Red Cardigan said...

Oh, of course, L. But it's just so absurd for corporations--Corporations!--to decide they have some obligation to steer the philosophy and morals of a nation.

Sorry, but I don't take my philosophical viewpoints from profit-driven ex-business majors.

Magister Christianus said...

Oh, Red, if you are in a merchant-bashing mood, you HAVE to read my most recent piece: http://bedlamorparnassus.blogspot.com/2012/06/sworn-to-fun-loyal-to-none.html. What I failed to say in that piece is that my mother also lamented the change in Penney's.

Magister Christianus said...

I just followed your link and saw that Southern Poverty Law considers OMM a hate group. I then went to the OMM website. Where is the hate? This is not the Klan.

c matt said...

The customer is probably a Christianist bigot in serious need of Big Brother-style reeducation, served alongside his order of fries or his purchase of a tee-shirt!"??

Maybe not all, but I would venture most corporations that make these decisions do not do so on the basis of misguided morality. Simple fact is that the SSM lobby is loud and proud (emphasis on the loud) and the corps want as little negative publicity as possible. SSM being the media cause celebre for the moment, any protest from the SSM crowd is sure to get attention, and accompanying negative press for the company, whereas the opposite protest is not. Analysis of market impact is what drives the decision, not a fig leaf of care for the particular issue. OK, maybe a fig leaf, strictly for appearance.

Anonymous said...

Erin, just for your information, the children were adopted.


Red Cardigan said...

Okay, Bern. So in this case, fatherhood means that adults decided for these children that a mom was a totally unnecessary excrescence, a luxury, something they would never need. Gotcha.

Dymphna said...

JCP isn't really preaching they're just doing it for the money. The LGBT crowd has a lot of disposable income.

The Sicilian Woman said...

I usually try to avoid merchants who've chosen to support things I do not (haven't been in WalMart for years, hope never to again), but it's not always possible or worth it. I shop at Penney's only for two particular brands/styles of jeans/pants, and that's once a year, twice at most, so my purchases aren't regular or big enough for me to go scouting for other options. (I'm the rare woman who hates shopping. The term "retail therapy" makes me gag.)

Even if I hadn't been a Mac fangirl for 20+ years, I'd be hard pressed to buy another computer that isn't tied to Microsoft products. Both companies support some things I don't. Plus, there is an Apple and Microsoft alliance, anyway.

Dymphna definitely has a point, though. Money talks, and that is going to make it much more difficult for us to find viable, easily accessible options as corporate America bends to greed.

Word verification: nDOOMsa Ha!

Red Cardigan said...

Magister: great post, btw! I enjoyed it immensely. You're right: this cultural rot (malls esp.) has been setting in for a long time.