Thursday, June 14, 2012

There I go again...

Can you imagine the outcry if the Romney camp did something like this?
LOS ANGELES ( - Anna Wintour is becoming quite the fashionable fixture on President Obama's campaign team this election season.

The Vogue editrix hit Chicago on Tuesday - flanked by supermodels Iman and Chanel Iman, designer Rachel Roy and Obama campaign manager Jim Messina - for an evening of haute fund-raising at Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Studios.

Wintour was on hand to preside over the Windy City debut of the "Runway to Win" collection, a line of Obama-themed clothes and accessories by designers like Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs, Beyoncé & Tina Knowles, Tory Burch, Tracy Reese and Narcisco Rodriguez - several of whom are favorites of First Lady Michelle Obama.

Tickets ran from $150 for a guest pass to sip cocktails and shop the collection to $1,000 for a VIP package, including a photo reception with Wintour and Iman (aka Mrs. David Bowie) and a limited edition bag, to $2,500 for access to the show, the reception and an exclusive dinner party at Oprah's Harpo headquarters. Donations benefited the Obama Victory Fund, according to a dedicated page on Obama's website. [...]

Wintour has been ramping up her involvement, and her visibility, in the president's reelection effort of late. Proving she's good for far more than dispensing fashion tips to FLOTUS, Vogue's longtime editor-in-chief has emerged as one of President Obama's top boldfaced bundlers, raising over $500,000 for his second run on the White House.
Yes, my Democratic friends, as the Obama campaign keeps schmoozing with top-drawer fashion designers and Hollywood A-listers, keep telling yourself that the Democratic Party is the party of the people, of the poor and downtrodden, of those who've been without jobs for--oh, wait. Let's not bring up the Specter of Unemployment; he's only scary when a Republican is in the Oval Office. Because everyone knows that Republicans care only about wealth and privilege and power and being with the Right Sort of People, while Democrats care about Hope and Change and Healing the Planet and Jobs and...oh, sorry, did I mention "jobs" again? How gauche of me. Forget about it.

In the meantime, in a spirit of friendly nonpartisanship, I offer the link to the Obama Store where you, too, can own your very own Obama themed clothing and merchandise: a Marc Jacobs-designed dog tee shirt for $40 (and isn't your Democratic puppy worth it?), or an Eddie Borgo button (at least, I think it's a button) for a mere $50, or a Vera Wang tote bag for $85, or perhaps even an Alexander Wang zip-front sweatshirt (just what a Texas Democrat needs this time of year!) for the amazingly low price of $95. Of course, these things will only seem like a steal if you're better off financially now than you were four years ago, and indeed are actually still employed...oops, there I go again...


JMB said...

This is no news Red. Wall Street and NYC elite have always gone Democrat. What's funny is now the sons and daughters of NY Finest and Fire Fighters are Republican. Those used to be completely in the Democrat camp.

Anonymous said...


You know what? For once you and I agree completely!

I don't look to Hollywood/New York Showbiz trash (the Wintour lady, "babs, too"),to help me make up my mind as to whom to vote for!!

I would be happy to see the President (and Romney, too), not associate themselves with vulgar, lower class Hollywood no-bodies!


kkollwitz said...

" fashion designers and Hollywood A-listers..."

Well yes, but they wuv the poor and downtrodden DIS MUCH!