Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics open thread

Every single time the summer Olympic games are on, I think--oh, I like the Winter games, but the summer stuff's not all that interesting. And there's very little coverage, anyway, especially if you don't have cable TV--which we don't.

And every single time the summer Olympics are on, I end up watching NBC's free prime time coverage anyway. Even though the spotty coverage annoys me, and the smaller and sometimes interesting events don't get covered unless the American athlete or team is favored to get a medal (and sometimes not even then)...etc.

So, since I'm watching the Olympics and not blogging, tell me: do you love this stuff, hate this stuff, or pretend indifference until the temptation to watch a swimming race or some gymnastics or something gets to you?

Bonus question: what event not usually broadcast in America would you like to see covered on ordinary TV (as opposed to expensive cable packages)?


Magister Christianus said...

I love it. Love it all. Love the summer and the winter events. I would love to see archery and the shooting sports more.

Rebecca in ID said...

We dont' have a TV but have watched a few of the events at my parents' house. I'm not all that into sports, but it was pretty fascinating. The night they were showing the women's gymnast teams, we were glued to the screen until 11:00. I have memories of watching Katarina Witt when I was a child, and I'm glad our kids can have some of those memories too. It's all pretty dramatic and impressive.