Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Under the weather update

So, last week I posted saying I was a bit under the weather, and that posting might be sporadic. I had a bladder infection--no big deal.

Except that last night was awful (I'll spare the details) and I've actually got a kidney stone, which I haven't had since Hatchick was two months old (and boy, was that ever fun). UPDATE: Turns out we never actually saw a stone, but the bladder infection had spread a bit into the kidneys.  Still not fun.

Things are under control now and I'll soon be back to normal, I hope. But after sitting in a radiology clinic most of the day waiting for a CT scan (to rule out appendicitis, which thankfully did get ruled out), I don't have much to say, except this:

1. The "berry" flavored barium suspension liquid does not taste better than the banana, despite the nurses' insistence that most people liked berry best. Banana rules. If by "rules" I can mean "does not immediately make you wish that humans absorbed all liquids through the skin."

2. If I go to Purgatory after I die, my Purgatory will consist of a depressingly-decorated room full of chairs and a large TV on which daytime talk shows play on an endless loop.

3. The push for societal acceptability of gay "marriage" has reached Country Living magazine. Because when I think of living in the country, my first thought is of two gay men and the motherless little girl they are raising in their charming vintage home which they have redone all in white--why, isn't that what we all think when we hear the words "country living?"

4. When a person has not eaten in more than 24 hours, it's just cruelty that the CT scan machine looks like a giant doughnut.

5. If you are sitting in a medical office waiting room, you can tell the "haves" from the "have nots" based on smartphones, because the "haves" all have their smartphones out and are amusing themselves, while the "have nots" discover that the pile of magazines in the basket are so dated that one of them thinks that Gingrich is still running for president.

6. I'm a "have not." Which is how I know about the Gingrich thing.

7. The technician who did my scan was a truly lovely person who wore a cross necklace, treated me like a human being throughout the whole process, and wished me a blessed day when I left. Remind me again why Christians are so scary?

8. A doctor who takes your phone call late at night and doesn't mind being repeatedly bothered with questions during the day is worth his weight in gold. (Maybe twice his weight, since he's not a big person.)

9. No matter how un-fun a kidney stone/kidney infection may be, compared to the first one, this is no big deal. Because with the first one we had three children ages 2.5, 1.5, and newborn at home, and everything is harder with toddlers. Everything. You moms with toddlers out there, treat yourself to a cookie right now, even if you have to sneak off to the bathroom to eat it. :)

10. It's good to be home.

Blogging will continue to be unpredictable for a bit--your patience, as always, is greatly appreciated!


The Sicilian Woman said...

Oh, Erin, my sister in kidney stone suffering! I'm sorry that you suffer from them, too! Just think of all the souls in Purgatory who've been released to our pain! I've had several, including two last year. Supposedly 1000 grams of magnesium daily help prevent them. I've been taking them regularly for about a year now, and I haven't passed a stone large enough to feel. **Knocks on wood.**

Rebecca in ID said...

I'm so sorry, Erin! I hope you're feeling better very soon.

Ann said...

Blessings on you. It is a blessing to us that you can make a report on your unpleasant day SO entertaining!

Turmarion said...

May Sts. Alban and Liborius pray for you, and help you to a speedy recovery!