Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August in Texas

Well, we made it to Mass this evening for the holy day! Before the first wave of thunderstorms of the evening. Then we camped out at the hotel my in-laws are staying at until they close on their new house here for a bit in between the first wave of storms and the second. And then we made it home.

The reason going tonight worked out so well for us was because Thad had already planned to come home a bit early so we could both meet with the roofer, to figure out how much the roof repair from the wind damage we sustained in Sunday night's wave of storms would cost us (luckily, not too much, and my girls were very impressed with the female roof estimator and her awesome folding ladder). Then, too, there's still a chance of storms through tomorrow morning, which would have made a morning Mass a bit tricky (since "storms" can mean anything from light rain with a bit of thunder to the high winds and hail we had the other night).

The weird part is that I don't think we usually have this sort of weather in Texas in August. Spring? Sure. Fall? Yep. Middle of the winter? Believe it or not, sometimes.

But this is the first Texas August I can remember where we need to think to take the weather radio with us when we go out. Which we will definitely do next time...

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freddy said...

Wow! What a challenging Holy Day! Hope things will be peaceful for a while. You're in our prayers for a quick and well-done roof repair and no more dangerous storms! God bless you.