Friday, August 17, 2012

Two week blog break ahead

I can't help but notice that things have been rather...slow around here lately. No, not "here" as in at my actual house; "here" as in at this blog.

Which is pretty normal, for this time of year.

You've all got better things to do than read blog posts, and I've actually got better things at the moment to do than to write them.

For example, school's about to start back up. We're starting slowly, but will be up to our full schedule by the day after Labor Day.

And my in-laws have moved to Texas, are buying a house, and will need our help moving in sometime in the very near future.

And...drumroll, please...I'm going to have some big news about this really, really soon. I'll probably announce it when it happens, even if the break is still going on.

So: as always, your patience and your readership are appreciated, and I'll see you after Labor Day!

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