Wednesday, September 26, 2012

40 Days for Life begins today

Just a brief reminder:
It's official! This 40 Days for Life campaign will be a record-setter! The campaign, from now through November 4, will be the largest and longest internationally coordinated pro-life mobilization in history ... and you can help save lives by getting involved TODAY!
Here's a quick rundown:
  • 316 locations -- the most ever!
  • 49 US states -- plus Washington, DC
  • 7 Canadian provinces
  • Australia, England, Spain and -- for the first time -- Uganda
  • Many NEW cities ... 46 first-time campaigns
The full list of locations for the 40 Days for Life campaign has just been posted. Click on the site that is closest to where you live. You will be redirected to the web page for that local 40 Days for Life campaign. On that local web page, sign up with your name and e-mail address to get involved and help save lives! 
Pray for the success of the 40 Days for Life campaign!
I still remember posting daily about abortion and related issues for the whole 40 days one year.  While I'd really like to do that again, I have to be honest: it can't happen until I move to a new blogging platform.  One reason I didn't blog yesterday was because I hate this new Blogger interface so much that I almost have to force myself to come out here and blog.  Reason?  Chronic migraines.  The dead-white "compose" page actually hurts my eyes; I can't look at it for long without feeling like I'm risking a really bad headache.
But I didn't want the kickoff day for the 40 Days for Life campaign to go by me!  I think it's terrific to go to their link and see the huge number of cities and places where people will be praying in front of abortion clinics (e.g., baby-death centers) for the next 40 days.  Even if I can't join physically, I'll be doing my best to join in prayer during this important time, and I hope you will pray too!

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vera said...

Sorry to hear it. Have you tried caffeine? I used to take Imitrex, but now, if I catch it early, a double espresso knocks it right out.