Friday, September 14, 2012

A review of The Telmaj!

Longtime blog reader Will Duquette has published a very honest and sincere review of The Telmaj on his blog! Here's an excerpt:

On the whole, I enjoyed the book. There were a number of surprises, as well as some serious moral conflicts; and the last half kept me turning pages until I got to the end, where, to my satisfaction, Erin stuck the dismount.

Here’s the most important point, given Erin’s target audience: she doesn’t write down to the kids. The book is not without problems, but that’s absolutely not one of them. (If it was, I’ve have judged it one of those books not to be put down lightly, but rather to be hurled with great force, and no one would ever have known that I’d looked at it.)

Read the whole thing here.

A review by someone with Will's critical capacities is worth gold. It really is. I cheerfully acknowledge that I have work to do going forward with the series, but this really means a lot to me, and I have to thank Will (yet again!) for his honesty, forthrightness, and sincerity--all of which makes his generally positive summation mean the world to me.

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Barbara C. said...

I also read it and thought it was pretty good. I think his review was pretty accurate. I saw that typo, and there was one other place that I wish my sleep-deprived fog brain could remember exactly for you.

I bought the e-book, and one thing I did find a tad frustrating was the lack of page numbering or a chapter index that would take you directly to a specific chapter. A few times my kindle app glitched (or a kid got a hold of my tablet), and it was hard to get back to where I had been reading. But I admit that I am still not quite used to reading e-books.

It was a really nice read, though, and I'll be interested to see what happens next.

Red Cardigan said...

Barbara C.--thank you! I did upload a typo-fixed version, but I honestly don't know the process by which Kindle users can get the newer version without paying again.

The page numbering thing is annoying, but unfortunately has to do with the devices. I saw an ad for a newer Kindle that gives you page numbers, for instance!

I'm not that used to e-books myself, but am hoping to keep learning...