Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A time for prayer

I didn't want to post anything earlier today about the Sept. 11 anniversary; plenty has been written in the last decade, and now that we are in the eleventh year past the terrible events of that unforgettable day, it seems to me that only those who were there or who personally suffered from the loss of a family member have something to say that is worth listening to. It is surely human to spend time (as I have in previous years) reflecting on such tragedy and evil, and to ponder the changes in our world that began on that day; but it is also human at some moment in time to realize that the time for reflection has steadily progressed into a time for prayer.

There are many excellent prayers we can offer on this sad anniversary. I tried, last year, to read (over the course of the whole week) the names of every victim and pray for each individual person. I did not finish that task, and will attempt it again at a later date if I can. But for now, recognizing that the victims of that tragedy are members of our human family, I suggest this prayer:

O Christ, rest in the souls of your servants with the saints, where there is no sickness, nor sadness, nor sighing, but life without ending. Remember, O Lord, our friends and relatives who sleep in the hope of resurrection to eternal life, and all who have departed in faith. Forgive them their sins, voluntary and involuntary, which they have committed by deed, word, or intention. Place them in refreshing places, where all sickness, sadness and sighing have been driven away, and where the light of Your countenance shines and gladdens all Your saints forever. O God, you have authority over life and death. We pray to You for the eternal repose of Your servants. Heal the sorrow of those who are left to mourn. Grant unto us all that we may be in the company of Your Saints and elect in your everlasting kingdom. Amen.
Eternal God, our Father, grant to the faithful departed the remission of all their sins, that they may enter without delay into their reward. This we ask through the Risen Christ, your Son and
our Lord.


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