Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm back...

...and watch this space for some exciting news later this afternoon. :)

Before I get to it, though, I just wanted to share a couple of changes to this blog, one of which is an important change to the comment policy.

After experimenting with moderated comments, I've decided to go back to not moderating them for the present. That's because I've also decided to keep accepting comments from people who are signing in with some sort of Internet ID only: a Google ID, an Open ID, etc.--whatever the Blogger comment software presently accepts.

I hated to take this step, as some of my most regular and pleasant commenters do not have an Internet ID and have commented anonymously by signing a name or nickname at the bottom of their posts. Unfortunately, leaving anonymous comments open these days means that the blogger ends up spending a lot of time reading drive-by attack comments and deleting them from the blog email, not to mention dealing with the spam attempts that the filters miss. I just don't have time to do that anymore--sorry!

The other (less important) change is that blogging is going to remain a bit sporadic for the next couple of months. But you're used to that, right? :)