Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another review of The Telmaj!

Dwija at the "House Unseen" blog has posted an awesome book review of The Telmaj, written by her young daughter:
The Telmaj is a story that takes place in outer space. It starts with Smijj, the main character, who since childhood has been able to go places just thinking about them, nearly being caught stealing a valuable statue. He works his way out of that situation easy enough.

His whole future is decided by choosing to eat lunch in a restaurant filled with old people.  Mar, an elderly lady inside, asks him to carry her tray for her. He is asked to help with her and her crew’s work being intergalactic mail carriers. 
And I'm especially grateful to Dwija for her suggestion that those of you who are doing some online Christmas shopping might consider buying a copy of The Telmaj for those 8 to 14-year-old readers on your list!  

For those who have already read The Telmaj, I hope to have some good news about the sequel soon!

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