Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Most ironic post ever

I had something planned to post today.  Something new, something for Advent that I hope you'll enjoy.

But I can't post it.

I can barely type--though if I hit the sticky letters hard enough I can sort of make them work.

What, you ask, did I spill on my keyboard?

A cup of tea.

Remind me again what this stupid blog is called?

Back tomorrow.  I hhhhhhhope.  (Yep, the "h" is the worst-stuck key--ow did you guess?)  :)


Jeff Miller said...

I will ironically laugh with you.

Rebecca in ID said...

oh my. I *always* have a cup of tea in my hand when I go on the computer, and I know I'm playing Russian Roulette. Hope your keyboard feels better soon.

Mack Hall, HSG said...

Oh, Red! That's the sort of thing I do, but I'm OLD. What's YOUR excuse?


- Mack in Kirbyville