Thursday, November 8, 2012

The calls for civility are always one-sided

Yesterday, I put myself in an extended "time-out" re: the comment boxes at Rod Dreher's blog.  The issue was gay "marriage," and the supporters of gay "marriage" lost no time doing the following two things:

1. Bashing anybody who is opposed to gay "marriage" as a wicked evil nasty rotten bigot and hater who just can't see how PRECIOUS it is for two men to have a wedding ceremony, call each other "husband," and pay a third-world woman to manufacture an intentionally motherless baby for them to raise, and

2. Demanding civility in speech and manner from all the wicked evil nasty rotten bigots and haters who have (everybody knows) simply been brainwashed by the evil Catholic Church into thinking that there was ever anything good for any society ever about defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman that was ordered toward creating the best and most stable environment in which to raise one's own biological children, provided God chose to bless them with children.  Because it is the DUTY of the religious bigots and haters to say nice, sweet, irenic, loving things as we get pushed to the wall and told how evil we are and how hard they're going to work to get our children to reject our hateful Catholic beliefs and religion.

I put myself in time out for two reasons; one, I was losing it (hey, I'm human too, and though I know my opponents in these arguments don't think so I can even get hurt on occasion), and two, I was starting to ask myself: why the Hell do I pray for these idiots every day, and some of them specifically by name on Sundays at Mass, when they so obviously hate God and have no desire whatsoever to be with Him--except for the ones who insist He's a fairy tale and will be chagrined when they find out otherwise? 

Since that is a terribly unhealthy and dangerous place for a Christian to go, I decided to absent myself from Rod's comment boxes until at least next year, if I can even go back then.  I'll still read what he writes; as I told him, his posts always make me think--but his commenters are starting to make me think four-letter words, and then I have to go back to Confession.

Having said all of that, I honestly think that what my opponents on this gay "marriage" debate really, really, really don't get is this: the calls for civility are always one-sided.  The gay rights supporters can say, over and over again, that everybody knows opposition to gay "marriage" is just hate and bigotry, and that you are a hater and a bigot if you don't clap at the idea of a couple of lesbians using IVF to manufacture kids and then having each one's biological child implanted in the other's womb, and that society is one day going to laugh at people who thought marriage had anything at all to do with the natural family, and that even saying things like "the natural family" is hate and bigotry that must be eradicated from polite society, and that if Catholics start being forced to sign corporate diversity statements that deny their faith in order to keep their jobs, well, they deserve it for being bigots and haters...

People who absolutely faint if I say that I think that homosexual sex acts are intrinsically disordered and that two men or two women do not make a "marriage" think it's the apex of civility to call me a bigot and a hater, over and over again.  They demand civility from me, but have never shown me or people like me the slightest bit of it.  A commenter at Rod's could essentially say that straight marriages are meaningless "baby-manufactory" arrangements compared to the loving and beautiful partnerships of gay "marriage," and nobody thought that was crossing any lines.

So let's be honest: when the pro-gay "marriage" crowd screams that the other side must show them civility, what they're really saying is: "Shut up."