Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy birthday, Kitten!

Today my lovely oldest girl whose blog name is Kitten is turning seventeen.

Yes, 17.


Good grief, where did all the years go?

She's such a sweet, kind, wonderful, helpful daughter who keeps things running smoothly around here!  As has been my habit these last few years, I'm now going to turn this blog post over to her--but not without saying, first, that I love her dearly and really appreciate the wonderful young woman she has become. :)  And now--Kitten!

Hi everyone!  In previous years on this blog, I've talked about things that I have been doing in the past year, as well as things I am looking forward to in the new one.  I would like to stick to that tradition today.

This past year has been a great one for me full of fun and interesting times.  It was just a few months ago that I got my first full sized guitar and I am enjoying playing it and teaching myself songs like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and Dust In The Wind.  I am hoping to take guitar in college and maybe someday become a singer.  

Another one of my interests is learning the Korean language.  For the past six months we have enjoyed watching Kdrama (such as Heartstrings) and a Korean variety show called Running Man (which rocks!!)  These shows which have taught me so much about the Korean culture and their customs have made me determined to learn the Korean language as well as to live in South Korea for at least a short time after college.  

 I still love organization and secretarial work and this past year I have had the opportunity to use a lot of my talents helping my grandparents (who recently moved here to TX) keep track of mail and little office items that seem to go missing very easily (You don't believe me?  When was the last time you saw your telephone directory?)

Thank you for letting me ramble on about the things I am interested in and have been up too.  As always may God Bless you this New Year and forever.  감사합니다!  



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Happy birthday, Kitten!