Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good news for the Catholic blogosphere

Many of you may remember the blogger who used to blog as "Cheeky Pink Girl."  Her blog was always interesting, and even when I disagreed with what she had to say, I thought she was coming from a very sincere place and writing from her heart--which is always the best way to write.

I have good news!  She has returned to blogging.  Her new blog is called "Such a Pretty Bubble."  I'm adding her to my blogroll, and I encourage you to go and check her blog out.

Sometimes blogging can seem like a lonely endeavor.  Is anyone really reading blogs anymore?  Did the shiny toys called Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and so on replace the fun and friendly conversations and exchanges bloggers used to have with each other, with readers, and even with real life family and friends?  There are times when it seems that way.

But I think that blogs have a bit more staying power than conventional wisdom suggests.  People who do it seem to like it, and even when they stop for a bit they seem to come back to it.  Maybe one day the blog will go the way of the long, handwritten personal letter, but I don't think we're there yet.

So encourage my blogging friend at her new blog!  And tell her Red Cardigan sent you. :)


Elise Hilton said...

I agree that blogging is lonely. I get lots of page hits, but few comments; I am left to wonder if people even care...

Anyway, I do read your blog and will check out the new one mentioned here.


Kimberly Margosein said...
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Red Cardigan said...

A certain troll who lives in a town in Illinois, who worked or works for the Social Security Administration, who is an airplane model hobbyist and whose politics are decidedly left wing had better quit leaving his trollish comments on this blog. I'm getting pretty tired of the bother of deleting them.

Alisha De Freitas said...

I read blogs everyday! But I admit, blogging can get very lonely.

Charlotte said...

Thanks, Erin! No one told me you sent them, but my blog meter did!