Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Feast of St. Joseph!

Happy Feast of St. Joseph!  What a great day for our new Pope Francis to have his Inaugural Mass.

Since several people this week have searched for this old post of mine containing a song in honor of St. Joseph, I thought I'd repost the part with the song here:
There's a beautiful song in honor of Saint Joseph which is particularly fitting for today. Listen to it here (click the button for the MIDI file); the lyrics are below:

O blessed Saint Joseph, how great was thy worth,
The one chosen shadow of God upon earth,
The father of Jesus! Ah, then, wilt thou be,
Sweet spouse of our Lady! a father to me?

For thou to the pilgrim art father and guide,
And Jesus and Mary felt safe by thy side;
Ah, blessed Saint Joseph, how safe I should be,
Sweet spouse of our Lady! if thou wert with me!

When the treasures of God were unsheltered on earth,
Safekeeping was found for them both in thy worth:
O father of Jesus, be father to me,
Sweet spouse of our Lady! and I will love thee. 

Have a great celebration today!  

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