Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mr. Paul goes to Washington

Yesterday at the Coalition for Clarity blog I posted about US Attorney General Holder's discussion of the use of drone strikes against American citizens on American soil.  Holder said, in part:

“The question you have posed is therefore entirely hypothetical, unlikely to occur, and one we hope no President will ever have to confront."

But the letter merely says that the president has "no intention" of carrying out drone strikes against US citizens on US soil without due process, not that the president cannot do this.

Holder was replying to questions from Rand Paul about John Brennan, who is the administration's nominee for CIA director.  Given that neither Holder nor Brennan will rule out the use of drone strikes against American citizens on American soil, Rand Paul is presently--as of this writing--in his seventh hour of filibustering the vote to confirm Brennan.

Senator Paul knows that he doesn't have the votes to block the confirmation, but he's certainly reminding us what can happen when a man stands on principle.  The amazing thing is that the principle--that no president, no administration, no CIA and no governmental agency should have the right to strike against United States citizens on American soil without due process--should be one with broad bipartisan support, not one that leads all but those most concerned about civil liberties to shrug and dismiss the issue.

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Barbara C. said...

I get all sorts of interesting feedback on this, since I'm originally from Kentucky. I have some friends who know Rand Paul personally and just love everything he does. Then you have all the uber-liberal people (like my high school history teacher) who hate any thing he does with a passion.

The latter's argument on Facebook was that drones have never been used on Americans, so this is a non-issue and that Rand Paul is just grandstanding for media attention to make a presidency bid.

While I agree that the chances of drones actually being used on Americans is slim, it is very terrifying that people are ok with even the idea that it would be legal for any president to do such a thing.