Friday, March 1, 2013

Trendy transgender madness

Whenever I think the world just can't get any more insane, something like this comes along:
(CNN) -- A transgender rights group announced Wednesday that it has filed a discrimination complaint in Colorado on behalf of a first-grader who was born a boy but identifies as a girl.

The filing stems from a decision announced last December by officials at Fountain-Fort Carson School District that Coy Mathis could no longer use the girls' bathroom at Eagleside Elementary.
Mother Kathryn Mathis said she and her husband were shocked. [...]

Kathryn Mathis said she got a call "out of the blue" from the school in December saying that Coy could use the boys' bathroom, gender-neutral faculty bathrooms or the nurse's bathroom, but not the girls' facilities.

The district "took into account not only Coy, but other students in the building, their parents and the future impact a boy with male genitals using a girls' bathroom would have as Coy grew older," the school district's attorney, W. Kelly Dude, told CNN Tuesday.

"However, I'm certain you can appreciate that, as Coy grows older and his male genitals develop along with the rest of his body, at least some parents and students are likely to become uncomfortable with his continued use of the girls' restroom."
Sounds reasonable, right?  Not to the usual suspects:
"It's sad that the Mathis family had to file a civil rights complaint in order for their daughter to be treated equally," said Herndon Graddick, president of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, in a statement. "The students clearly aren't the only people at this school who need more education."
Except that we're not talking about the Mathis family's daughter.  We're talking about their son, who is biologically male, even if he likes to wear girls' clothing and refer to himself with female pronouns at the tender age of six.

Those of us who have been warning about the slippery slope the gay rights movement was going to lead to can now say, "I told you so," because the next big push is going to be for Americans to accept transgender rights along the same lines.  Which means that a man is no longer a man and a woman is no longer a woman; rather, any person is whatever gender it declares itself to be on any given day and time.  Gender, you see, is just a social construct that has nothing whatsoever to do with anatomy, just as marriage is a social construct that has nothing whatsoever to do with the reality of human reproduction.

In Massachusetts, the state that brought you gay marriage followed by mandatory gay fairy tales read in the classrooms, there is now this
Last week the Massachusetts Department of Education issued directives for handling transgender students – including allowing them to use the bathrooms of their choice or to play on sports teams that correspond to the gender with which they identify.

The 11-page directive also urged schools to eliminate gender-based clothing and gender-based activities – like having boys and girls line up separately to leave the classroom.

Schools will now be required to accept a student’s gender identity on face value.

“A student who says she is a girl and wishes to be regarded that way throughout the school day and throughout every, or almost every, other area of her life, should be respected and treated like a girl,” the guidelines stipulate.

According to the Dept. of Education, transgender students are those whose assigned birth sex does not match their “internalized sense of their gender.”

They said gender nonconforming students “range in the ways in which they identify as male, female, some combination of both, or neither.” [...]

Another part of the directive that troubles parents deals with students who might feel comfortable having someone of the opposite sex in their locker room or bathroom.

The state takes those students to task – noting their discomfort “is not a reason to deny access to the transgender student.”

And any student who refuses to refer to a transgendered student by the name or sex they identify with could face punishment.

For example – a fifth grade girl might feel uncomfortable using the restroom if there is an eighth grade transgendered boy in the next stall.

Under the state guidelines, the girl would have no recourse, Beckwith said.

“And if the girl continued to complain she could be subjected to discipline for not affirming that student’s gender identity choice,” he told Fox News.

“It should not be tolerated and can be grounds for student discipline,” the directive states.

In other words, if you live in Massachusetts and your fifth-grade daughter is dealing with her menstrual cycle at school for the first time and the "girl" in the stall next to her has a penis, and your daughter is not happy about having to share a bathroom with this anatomically male "girl," she--your daughter, that is--is a bigot who must be re-educated to be properly disposed toward sharing her private spaces with males who think or say that they are girls.  Because the right of some boys to believe they are females despite clear evidence to the contrary is much more important than your daughter's right to feel safe in the bathroom at school, you understand.

This is madness, but it's trendy madness.  It's the kind of madness that makes sense to an age with no morality, no virtue, and a growing scorn not only for truth itself, but even for objective reality.

And this madness is growing.  A lawsuit in Maine last year ended up ruling that a school did not discriminate against a male "girl" by asking him to use a staff bathroom, but the parents are appealing the lawsuit; and just this week Mark Shea shared news from a reader about Maryland Senate Bill 449, which lets any person define its own gender and use any bathroom, changing room, locker room, or other gender-segregated space which it wants to.  In other words, a serial rapist can dress up as a woman without actually being transgendered and there's nothing in the proposed Maryland law that would make him prove he is actually a transgendered person; he could then proceed to the women's bathroom, and it would be illegal discrimination to stop him from entering it.

Bringing that sort of thing up, though, gets you lots of loud screaming from the male-to-female transsexuals out there, because they claim that they're the real victims in all this; they can't dress according to their inner female identity and then use the men's room, and they won't attack women because only some of them still like to have sex with women and few of them are rapists anyway, so what's the big deal?  Why shouldn't a five-foot-two-inch tall woman like me be perfectly comfortable using a restroom or department store dressing room beside a six-foot-four "woman" with huge hands, stubble, and a pronounced Adam's apple?  Am I just some kind of transphobic bigot?

My arguments that I have no way to know that a man dressed that way is actually a transgendered person instead of an opportunistic heterosexual rapist tend to fall on deaf ears, or to be dismissed as offensive.  It's as though no one wants to admit that of course men who prey on women will try to get away with this once women have been conditioned to accept the presence of obvious males (even in dresses and high heels) using the restroom or changing room or locker room with them.  It's as though no one wants to admit that of course average women will be far less safe once it's considered bigoted to object to the presence of a male in one's private spaces such as bathrooms, changing rooms, and locker rooms. 

But there is a reason why it was definitely bigoted to make people with different skin colors use different facilities, but not bigoted to make people with different anatomy do so.  Men and women actually are different, and not in some pie-in-the sky, theoretical way, but in terms of things like reproductive anatomy, physical size and strength, and so forth.  Unfortunately, in our world, words mean what we want them to mean; "marriage" can be redefined to describe the sexual partnership of two men or two women, and "girl" can mean a boy, if the boy wants it to.  It really is a form of madness, but in our world today, "madness" means sanity, sanity means bigotry, and truth is nothing but one's personal perceptions of that thing we call "reality," which also means whatever we want it to mean.


L. said...

Well, since I DO happen to believe that transgender children have an inherent right to identify as whatever gender they feel themselves to me, and I would be perfectly fine with my teenage daughter changing in front of a transgender friend who happens to have a penis, then I can't say I'm with you on this one, at all. After all, her lesbian friends might think my daughter is really, really hot, and there's not a single thing that can be done about THAT, even in a world with gender identity based on genitalia alone. What should we do, ban women from female changing rooms if they are aroused by the sight of other naked women?

So I propose a solution: Completely unisex bathrooms/changing rooms, but with STALL DOORS, for individual privacy.

This would also benefit the unfortunate women who have to watch ME, as I change into my swimsuit, and show off my aging flesh, ravaged by childbearing.

Elizabeth said...

Excellently articulated.

Magister Christianus said...

From the MA document, "Some students may feel uncomfortable with a transgender student using the same sex-segregated restroom, locker room or changing facility.  This discomfort is not a reason to deny access to the transgender student.  School administrators and counseling staff should work with students to address the discomfort and to foster understanding of gender identity, to create a school culture that respects and values all students." (

These people are out of their minds. This is absurd, dangerous, and anyone with an ounce of common sense knows it.

freddy said...

I will predict that all this will lead to is the further degredation and brutalization of women, as has every other perversion of science and reality in the name of "equality."

Nan Collins said...

Let me see if I can tell this story clearly. I am a woman, who, as a girl, was pretty sure I really wanted to be a boy. I played with the boys at school, went to the Boys' Club to play pool (though not play IN the pool, as that would have given me away), and prefer to wear boy clothes. I still prefer men's casual clothes.

Things changed in the confessional one day. Father called me "boy" or "son" or something. I was overcome with the horrible feeling that pretending to be a boy was a lie. I did not come clean to Fr. then, but I did strive for a more feminine look--pretty earrings, that sort of thing. I still liked hanging out with boys (I still enjoy the company of men) but as a girl.

I am married with kids, and really like being a woman. I cannot imagine how different and unsettled my life would have been had my silliness been indulged. Good grief.

Red Cardigan said...

Nan, that's a great story. Thanks for sharing it here! It highlights one of my biggest concerns about this stuff: even professionals have a hard time telling whether a young child is experiencing a true, full-blown gender identity disorder or a temporary and less serious one. And yet in Massachusetts there is starting to be a push to do gender reassignment *surgery* on children!

L. said...

Good for Nan, but....what happens when a "true, full-blown gender identity disorder" is dismissed as "silliness?"
And if "a true, full-blown gender identity disorder" does exist, should the solution for it ALWAYS be, "Live the gender of your genitals?" What about the children whose body parts are malformed and ambiguous?

And no matter what, we'd still have the "problem" of people with same-sex attractions sharing restrooms/locker rooms with people of their gender.

LarryD said...

So according to L., a girl being ogled by lesbians is far far worse than being raped by a man pretending to be transgendered. Got it.

I'm waiting for the lawsuits where a "transgendered boy" demands to be admitted to an all-boys' school.

And just you wait - this sort of insane legislation will be used against the Church when it comes to the all-male priesthood, and the convents. It's gonna happen.

LarryD said...

Shoot - I mean for a "transgendered boy" is admitted to an all-GIRLS school. Sloppy fingers.

L. said...

Ha ha Larry, that's a GOOD one.

So therefore, I must be thinking that maybe my daughter would enjoy being raped, which is the only explanation for why I am pushing for her to share a restroom with men -- that MUST be what I think, by the logical extension of what you're saying, right? ;)

Seriously, why don't we just have more private unisex bathrooms/changing rooms? That would solve SO many problems -- not just this one.

vera said...

I don't want unisex public restrooms, L. It's creepy enough to have to use women's at a rest stop that is not well populated. And I still remember those holes in the walls where they did exist when I was a kid. Wasn't the girls making them, either...

If gender means nothing more than whatever the person wants it to mean... then all a male athlete has to do is wear women's clothing, announce his preference, and go on to win. Anything goes?

There are people whose genitals are more ambiguous, but they are not the ones making all the fuss. Nuts. Dontcha have a feeling that there is a whole contingent of people out there doing a big mind-%&*k on the rest of us?!

Barbara C. said...

The fact is that the little boy in this issue has probably been conditioned by his parents to pretend to be a girl. Whenever my little girls express an interest in playing football, I don't automatically think "Hmmm, she must be confused about her gender because she likes to do boy things."

Have you noticed in all of these stories of a transgendered or "raising a kid without gender" it's ALWAYS some little BOY whose parents keep dressing him up in girls clothes and only buying him girls toys? In most of these stories I question whether these kids are truly transgender or if their parents are using them as a social experiment. The few transgender people I knew needed several years to figure out why they felt out-of-sync. They didn't know by age 5 or 6.

L. said...

I live in a country with lots of unisex public restrooms, and I just fail to grasp why it's creepy. I guess things that bother some people don't bother me at all.

vera said...

It's creepy, L., because a certain percentage of men are creepy. And that percentage is always greater than that of creepy women -- by quite a bit. In any case, you are not entitled to hoist unisex bathrooms on the rest of us. In some circumstances, they are ok, like single units at medical clinics. Other places, they are not. And you never answered my question. I guess you can't.

Barbara: bingo! There was a very sad story of a boy who was used by feminists in the 70s to show that boys and girls are really the same, and it's all cultural. He was a twin -- during circumcision, the doctor hacked of a big chunk of his penis, and it was agreed that he would be turned into a "girl" via an operation. He was raised as a girl, and indeed, he behaved as a girl... until adolescence. Despite the hormones they gave him, the boy realized he was a boy after all, and went through a horrible time of it. I believe he committed suicide in the end. This particular little boy is being used too.

scotch meg said...

I tried to comment the day this post went up. Hope it goes through this time.

The new transgender rules in MA are not just an issue of having doors in stalls in restrooms.

For example, the all-state music festival is held in Boston. Because kids from many parts of the state can't get home and back for the three days of rehearsals before the performance in Symphony Hall, the organizers arrange for all the performers to stay in a hotel - four to a room, two double beds to a room. Last year there was a girl who wanted to be identified as a boy in the festival. I don't know what they did to accommodate her - but this year, I was glad she had graduated, because my son could ostensibly have been assigned as a roommate.

Not a good situation.

Nor will it be a good situation in the girls' locker room at my local high school if a boy decides he's a girl and wants to play on the girls' soccer team. Maybe he knows he can't make the boys' team. Maybe he's sincere. In any case, he shouldn't be there - but he will be, no matter how uncomfortable it makes the girls. There may be some towns who will fight back against the state. Mine isn't one of them.

L. said...

This question, Vera? "...then all a male athlete has to do is wear women's clothing, announce his preference, and go on to win. Anything goes?"

Yes! I live my life according to the principal of "anything goes," in fact.

But if sports organizers want to define event categories by gender, they can do so, and I'm sure many of them have special categories for transgenders these days.

I've never felt threatened in a unisex bathroom. I always close the door, which helps.

Lesbians can be predators, too -- I went to a women's college, and I did face some unwelcome sexual advances from women. They were due to misunderstandings, but were still VERY awkward and sometimes a little scary. I was grateful for those bathroom/shower room doors.

And my own kids were "used by feminists," too, and raised as gender-free as possible. The end result is that I have a daughter who loves skirts and jewelry and sons who love rough-and-tumble sports. Most people are going to follow along with society's expectations of gender norms, and there's nothing wrong with this -- as long as those who do not follow along with them are accommodated.

So I'm not "not entitled to hoist unisex bathrooms on the rest of" you? You're right, I don't run the world. I just do my part to change it wherever I can.

vera said...

"Yes! I live my life according to the principal of "anything goes," in fact."

Really, L.? Lies, murder and mayhem? Glad you don't live near me.

Unknown said...

And just you wait - this sort of insane legislation will be used against the Church when it comes to the all-male priesthood, and the convents. It's gonna happen.

I believe Hosanna vs. Tabor settled that. Then again, social-engineering legislators and judges ignore disagreeable court precedents, however recent...

L. said...

Vera, I'm glad I don't live near you, too -- the police would probably be at my house every day, and my kids would be in foster care. ;)

vera said...

Wrong inference, L. I guess you just can't back up your stuff with anything that makes sense.

L. said...

Vera, I'm sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about -- I get so busy and distracted with all the murder/mayhem over here at our place that the subtle implications of "Glad you don't live near me" must have gone right over my head. I thought you were saying that you were glad you didn't live near me, so I said, that feeling is mutual. We love living according to our "Anything goes!" principles, but it's always better to have neighbors who share our values, you know? I'm sure you do.