Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'll probably get in trouble for this one...

...but over at the Coalition for Clarity, I take the position that the Boston bomber should not be put to death.

Go here to read if you're interested in this sort of issue.

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Kirt Higdon said...

I don't see any reason that the younger Tsarnaev should be given the death penalty. He poses plenty of threat to society, but that can be contained by keeping him in prison. That has worked with many who have committed more murders than he has, including the Unibomber and Charles Manson. In the case of Manson, one of his aging henchwomen has already died in prison and there seems little chance of the others being released. The teaching of the Church permits the death penalty if it is the only way of protecting society, but if it is the only way which would work with Tsarnaev, there are probably hundreds of others who should be executed just to be on the safe side.

As a practical matter, he should also be kept alive to learn sooner or later, more details of the plot. There may be much he doesn't know since his older brother seemed to be the one with the connections, but he may be able to pass on valuable information that his brother revealed to him.