Friday, May 3, 2013

Brief blog break

Now that I'm (finally) feeling (mostly) better, I'm taking a brief blog break to catch up on two weeks' worth of accumulated chores, including my push to get the sequel to The Telmaj up and running.  Don't know when I'll resume regular blogging--you'll know it when you see it! :)

I will probably keep posting the Telmaj Tuesday posts during the break so I can report the progress of the book, but this blog and Coalition for Clarity will be pretty quiet for a bit.  Thanks for understanding!


B et G said...

Erin, do you know anything about Tuscany Press?
My dad says he was listening to Catholic radio and they had a spot on them...he said they specifically talked about how they wanted to publish works which are by Catholic authors but not necessarily overtly Catholic. I knew you had experienced some frustration with this so I wondered if you had tried these guys...

Red Cardigan said...

Rebecca, I had heard the name, but hadn't really known anything about them. I hope they do very well--we need publishers like this!

I'm not sure at this point they'd be interested in an already-self-published series set of books, but perhaps when they've published a bit more fiction they'd be interested in taking on a project like that. Or maybe I'll send them my mermaid/vampire story with Catholic themes... :) (Which isn't finished yet--I've been too busy with Smijj and friends.)

Rebecca--can you send me an email sometime? I want to ask you something. :)

B et G said...

Okay, I'll send you an e-mail bugging you to hurry up with the second book already. :)