Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just a brief note... say that while I hope to resume regular blogging on Monday, I couldn't help but share this post from Deacon Greg Kandra showing an adorable three-year-old Spanish-speaking orphan (being raised by his grandmother) "saying Mass" from memory, using the Mass kit he asked for at Christmas.

Go and watch at least a tiny bit of the video, please?

And then tell me that children under age 5 don't get anything out of Sunday Mass.  :)


Christian LeBlanc said...

When I was a kid, Mass was a heavenly mystery. Then I was bored with it for about 30 years. Then it became a heavenly mystery again.

vera said...

Sorry for the bunny trail. I found a joke.

Two women talking. One says, "a virgin birth I can believe. But finding three wise men?!"

Tee hee.