Monday, May 27, 2013

On Memorial Day, some questions to ponder

Happy Memorial Day!  I do still plan to post about the BSA later this week, but since it's a holiday and you have better things to do than read blogs, I will save that post.

Instead, as we honor our heroes who have died to keep America free and strong, I have some questions to ask: how many of them would be proud of our nation today?

--Would they be proud of our continued presence in Afghanistan, long after the president promised to bring our troops home?

--Would they be proud of torture, of Abu Ghraib, of Guantanamo?

--Would they be proud of our promotion of contraceptive imperialism in third world countries?

--Would they be proud of our various statements to the effect that countries which ban abortion are oppressing women?

--Would they be proud of social experimentation in the military, including the promotion of homosexuality among the troops and the rise in male-on-male rapes in the military?

--Would they be proud of the systematic destruction of the nuclear family and the rise in fatherlessness?

--Would they be pleased with the growing assaults against free speech and true freedom of religion, which unlike the faux "freedom to worship" does not simply mean you can go to church on Sunday but that Americans are free to live according to their faith and values in the public square?

Would they be proud of us, these heroes of ours?  Or would they wonder what the Hell (literally) has happened to their America?

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