Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Catholic blogosphere's shortest modesty post

Time got away from me today.  I could skip blogging altogether; in this post-Facebook era (no, really) I sometimes wonder if anybody's still reading.  But then again, that's not why I started blogging, and I'm quite capable of going on when nobody's paying attention.  Just ask my family. :)

Rather than skip blogging, though, I give you the Catholic blogosphere's shortest-ever and least-controversial modesty post, which is as follows:

The dress Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the Iron Man 3 premiere was not modest.  Under no circumstances should anyone ever wear such a thing, because it is frankly quite rude to flash your derriere in public.  Wearing such a dress to Mass would be especially wrong.

I know, I know.  Where's the fun in saying that?  Wouldn't we rather argue about the definition of modesty, gripe about uppity females wearing slacks, and tear into random strangers for their Sunday morning clothing choices?  But I'm starting to think that maybe our real reasons for doing those sorts of things--and I include myself in this, most definitely!--are not all that terrific, and our true motives are as transparent as the side panels on Gwyneth's dress.  And just as rude, vulgar, and tacky, too.


Pat said...

I'm not arguing, I'm questioning. I'm wondering why, as a culture, we hide our bodies. I know that in prior ages it was scandalous to see a ladies ankles in our culture, and yet, in other cultures right now it is quite appropriate for women to go topless while the men where skimpy loincloths exposing the butt cheeks. Men wear swim trunks at the beach so others don't see their genitals. But why? Why is it OK to exose my nipples but not my tender bits? I'm asking seriously. No sunburn jokes. :)

vera said...

Hm. If you don't approve of wacky offending dresses, why are you still watching the wacky offending TV crapola? Toss the damn boob box. I can't recommend it enuff.

Red Cardigan said...

vera, I saw GP's dress on the Internet.

Tony said...

You do like the opportunity to resurrect your old hobby horse disguised as a current event.

You would have been fine if you'd stopped at "especially wrong.".