Thursday, May 23, 2013

The end of the Boy Scouts

Well, as you've no doubt already heard, the Boy Scouts of America have voted to allow openly gay boys to join their organization.  For now, the ban on openly gay men taking little boys camping out in the woods remains, but that won't last.

You know what?  This is it.  This is the end of the Boy Scouts of America.  Within ten years the organization's membership will have fallen so precipitously that there will be no point in continuing on.  All those openly gay ten-year-olds who have dreamed of being Scouts will find that there's no Scouts left anymore.

Okay, that was a bit of snark, because there aren't really very many openly gay ten-year-olds.  What there are are openly gay 15, 16, and 17 year-olds who think that the only reason parents wouldn't want them to share tents with boys three or four years younger is homophobia and bigotry.  I guess bigotry is the reason parents don't like to let their eleven or twelve-year-old daughters go camping with high school-aged boys, too.  I mean, how dare anybody suggest that it's wrong to make pre-teens or teens share showers and tents with other teens who are sexually attracted to them!  That's just offensive.

But a whole lot of not-yet-brainwashed parents are not going to be okay with this.  They're not going to be okay with pro-homosexual indoctrination making its way, as it soon will, into the Scouts under the ubiquitous umbrella of "tolerance" and "inclusion."  They're not going to be okay with pressure among troops to recruit gay members to prove they're not actively barring them from joining (and if you don't think this is going to happen, you are woefully naive about the end-game of the gay rights movement).  They're not going to be okay with adding an "LGBT Pride Badge" to the required badges necessary to make Eagle Scout.

So they're going to take their children out of scouting.  And traditional churches which have sponsored troops and allowed them to meet on church property are not going to sponsor troops or host meetings anymore.  And private Catholic and Christian donors are going to pull their funds away from the Boy Scouts.  Within five years, the Boy Scouts of America will be begging for emergency government funding, and the government will grant it provided that gay men can be scout leaders and that the scouts agree to give "safe sex" talks and hand out condoms as part of their "outreach."  I wonder what the emblem on the Safe Sex badge will be?

In other words, within a vanishingly short space of time the Boy Scouts of America will be the same moral sewer as our public schools.  And why would any parents want to spend loads of extra time and money for their kids to supplement the education in depravity and perversity the government already provides them for free every school day?  Because it involves camping trips?  Oh, please.

UPDATE: Think I'm wrong?  Gay activists are already celebrating this as the "first step" toward ending the ban on gay adult leaders and forcing the Scouts to promote more gay-friendly policies.  Anyone who thinks this is some kind of compromise is kidding himself.


Joshua Facemyer said...

This has been particularly hard for me, having loved the BSA programs all my life. I have many fond memories of Scouting - I spent summers working at camp, for example - and through the BSA have learned many things I wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

My oldest boy just finished his first year of cub scouts. He's pretty upset, but being a trooper because I've promised him that we'll find something better. I hope we do. (Well, anything morally upright will be objectively better than the sellout BSA.)

Anyone interested should pay attention to Wilderness Outreach ( which may possibly be considering founding an alternative) and (which will be holding a meeting soon to discuss the same.)

Upward and onward!

priest's wife said...

My only son (surrounded by 3 girls)is 6- we were going to start cub scouts

Tony said...

Scouts are not supposed to have sex with anyone during scouting events. I imagine there's a bit of experimentation between adolescent scouts. No matter what their orientation, if they are caught having sex with each other they should be thrown out of the scouts. That applies to having sex with a girl while on scouting events too.

I think that sexually confused boys can be helped by hanging out with majority straight guys doing "straight guy things". I consider this a good thing as long as the role models (scout leaders) remain straight.