Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy birthday, Hatchick!

Today we are celebrating the 15th birthday of my youngest daughter, affectionately nicknamed "Hatchick" on this blog.

Let me repeat that: my youngest is now 15.  Where has the time gone? :)

Hatchick is a smart, funny, creative girl with so many talents and interests I can't possibly list them all!  She is an exercise enthusiast who loves to be active, and she also loves art, especially drawing cartoons and cute chibi figures.  She enjoys science, too, and is especially interested in robotics.  She can do things on the computer that amaze me, particularly her adventures in animation!

As has been my custom for several years now, I will now turn the remainder of this blog post over to Hatchick!  Here she is:


Hello! This is Hatchick. Gosh, has it been a year already? The time has flown by so quickly.
This year I thought I'd share one of my drawings with you! It is a chibi character I created named Lila along with the Nintendo (tm) character, Kirby.

I hope everyone has a great day!
Hatchick :) :) :) :)


priest's wife said...

happy birthday hatchick!

I hear you on time I finished registering my oldest in our homeschool/ is connected to the college, so we are registering her in a college class as well!

B et G said...

Happy Birthday, Hatchick!