Thursday, June 6, 2013

Skipped Wednesday; today's post is..., at the Coalition for Clarity, where I talk about our nation of spies.

Sorry for missing yesterday's regularly scheduled post!  Our lawn mower died, and we were trying to find a replacement.  Advice re: inexpensive walk-behind lawn mowers appreciated, if you have any!


Mack Hall, HSG said...

Dear Red,

No REAL American pushes or walks behind a mower. He - the pronoun is gender-neutral - sits on a rider wearing an absurdly funny hat much to the amusement of all. A Russian on his troika, a Hollander steering a canal boat, a Canadian paddling a birch-bark canoe, El Cid astride Rocinante, an American leading the charge against high grass on his Snapper lawnmower - some things just ARE.

scotch meg said...

I don't own it, but covet it - a friend owns a non-motorized lawn mower which is super light and easy to push. Our sons had a contest RUNNING with the mower over their lawn. When ours breaks, I want one! My son said it cost about $150. I do not know how that compares in cost, but to never need gas again, and for ME to be able to push it... is worth a lot.

Looking through online reviews, I didn't recognize any of the mowers, but there was one by Fiskars (the sewing scissors people) which had good reviews and cost less than $100.

Go for the gas-free. I am no Al Gore, but I do hate keeping gas for the mower.