Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thanking God for food poisoning

I suppose it's just barely possible that a few of my long-time readers may have wondered why I've been so quiet this week, and especially today, given that I said I'd pop back in and blog if anything important happened, and given that the SCOTUS majority today reached up their collective bottoms and decided that what they encountered there should be defined, henceforth, as their brains.  Hey, it makes as much sense as what really happened.

But I've been sidelined this week with a mild bout of food poisoning.  No big deal, but enough to keep me away from the blog, the news world, and the Internet generally.  And that has been awfully peaceful.  I tend to forget how rotten, degenerate, filthy, vile, immoral, evil, wicked, perverse and foul things are when I don't read about it all--and that's just Washington, D.C., these days; I'd need a whole thesaurus to describe our pathetic and doomed nation beyond the borders of the stinking cesspool where our presidents and congresspeople and judges go to engage in their decrepit, pathetic orgies which they present to a bastardized citizenry as leadership.

So as strange as it may seem to be thanking God for the gift of a mild illness, I'm doing just that.  Otherwise, I'd have enough stamina to quit pulling my punches and tell you exactly what I think about this parade of nonsense perpetrated by a bunch of black-robed fools, monsters and idiots who deserve nothing more than to be solemnly immortalized with appropriate scorn for these sorts of decisions by the waves of Islamic fundamentalists who will one day inherit this nation.


Geoff said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Red Cardigan said...

Thanks, Geoff. I appreciate that. :)

B et G said...

ugh, food poisoning is no fun! But I know what you're saying about the peace of being away from the internet...we've been away due to a music institute this week, and virtually no computer time, just music and books. It's really nice. But do feel better soon!