Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just checking in

It has been such a busy summer that I've hardly blogged at all, and in a way that's been rather peaceful.  On the one hand, I miss my daily blogging routine and the terrific readers and commenters I've been so lucky to have since this blog began; on the other, I've enjoyed a bit of detachment from the habit of voracious news-reading and the urge to write about anything I find even remotely interesting (but especially those areas of interest and concern I have as a Catholic living in America in 2013).

I've been sort of wondering where these ideas will lead me.  I love writing and will always do it, but as our oldest girl starts taking college classes and I look at what my responsibilities will be in the near future I wonder how much longer I can put the effort into regular blogging.  The truth is that fiction writing has at least the potential for me to make a bit of money, even if it's only a bit.  But as we sit in a very hot house having a new heating/air conditioning system put in (which we really should have replaced last winter) and I find myself thinking about other rising expenses, I am starting to think that my blogging habit is stealing productive time away from time I should spend working on my children's fiction books.

Then again, I haven't finished editing book two yet because the summer has been so busy (aside to fellow homeschooling moms: do you ever think you're going to have actual free time during the summer, only to laugh at yourself when reality hits?  Cause I do).  So does blogging really take too much time away from my potentially paid writing, or is that just an excuse?  Does daily blogging (during the week, anyway) make me more accountable or at the very least give me a good reason to sit down at the computer which can lead to actual work on occasion?  Or does the work that goes into a blog post (reading news and commentary and other blogs, doing a bit of research here and there, adding links and so on) add up to a bad idea when this kind of writing is only a hobby for me?

I'm just starting to kick these ideas around in my head, but I welcome any feedback from anybody who's still out there, especially if you've had to make these kind of decisions before.


Deirdre Mundy said...

Sadly, I've found that neither blogging nor fiction has much income potential.

On the other hand, I'm bringing in decent extra money from copywriting, and blogging DOES prove you can write quickly and well.

So... if you're looking for money, you're going to have to sell your skills on the open market.

Alternatively, you could try to get published in places like First Things, Catholic Digest, etc., and pull in some money as a freelancer-- and then blog the stuff you couldn;t sell?

I'll miss the blogging, BUT I totally understand the need to focus on earning income for a bit. That's why my blogging and fiction has been put on hold, too!

LarryD said...

Similar questions are rattling about my noggin as well.

Not to mention, I feel that I'm just adding to the noise level, and not contributing much of anything else.