Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Spiritual bouquet for Thomas Peters

Many of you already know that young writer/blogger Thomas Peters of Catholic Vote (and son of canon lawyer Ed Peters) was in a serious accident yesterday and needs our prayers.

Since some people have been rude enough in the comments over at The Anchoress's post linked above to add criticism of Thomas to their prayers and well-wishes (which she had had to moderate and remove), I wanted to create a space for those who wish to add to a spiritual bouquet for him instead.  This is simple: post (in the comments) what prayer(s) you will be saying for Thomas' recovery and for his family.

I'll say a rosary tonight, and a daily Memorare for him with my morning prayers from now until he's well.

Feel free to add your own prayers to the comments here, if you like.  Because my blog is relatively small and unknown, I think it will be a safe place for people to add their prayers--and in any case, all my comments are moderated so nothing rude will get through.


JoAnna Wahlund said...

I said a rosary & a chaplet of divine mercy

priest's wife said...

Three Divine Liturgies have been celebrated for him! (my sister is good friends with his wife)