Friday, August 23, 2013

Bookmarking for Monday

It's Friday, so I don't have time to do this justice, and most of you won't be seeing it until Monday anyway.  But I want to bookmark it for a discussion sometime next week.  It is, as someone said, jaw-dropping: Joseph Bottum comes out in favor of gay marriage, or at least in favor of the Church shutting up about it, because it makes the Church look mean and we might get persecuted.

If you think I'm kidding about that, you can read the whole miserable thing here.

You may hear from various places that this piece is some kind of thoughtful intellectual attempt to address SSM within the traditions of Catholic thought.  It's not.  It's a mishmash of personal opinion, whining, and shoddy rationalization with words like "Thomas Aquinas," "Natural Law," "enchantment," and "Pope Francis" thrown in to fool the credulous into thinking that this is some kind of serious piece.  And believe me, I'm being very restrained right now not to tell you what I really think.

I'm hoping that by the time Monday rolls around more gifted Catholic writers will have weighed in on this so we can discuss their thoughts too.  Till then, take it from me: the Church will not condone gay marriage.  If she is silenced about the evil of it, her silence will be bought at the point of the spear, and will last only until her valiant sons rise up to defend her.

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