Friday, August 30, 2013

'Cause that will be good for families

If you live in the Chicago area, this may be coming soon to a school near you:
CHICAGO (CBS) — Some people may think a five-year old is too young for sex education.

Administrators with Chicago Public schools do not.

New to the curriculum this year, mandatory sexual and health education for kindergarten classes.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker took at look at the lesson the little ones will be learning. [...]

CPS insists the curriculum will use language children understand and focus on topics like bullying, correct names for external body parts and the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching.

“As you identify body parts, you talk about should you be touched here or not.,” said Stephanie Whyte, the CPS Chief Health Officer. “And if someone touches you, and it’s uncomfortable, you should tell a trusted adult.” [...]

Students will also take a look at the different family structures that exist in today’s society.

“Whether that means there’s two moms at home, everyone’s home life is different, and we introduce the fact that we all have a diverse background, “ said Whyte.

That’s a lesson some conservative organizations oppose.

The say CPS is giving in to liberal groups that seek “to normalize homosexuality.”

It’s the kind of lesson that makes some parents hesitant.

“If he has questions, I’m happy to answer them, but I’m not sure it belongs in a classroom setting,” said parent Brooke Lyon.

There's supposed to be an opt-out provision for parents to remove their kids from lessons to object to, but I would say that the opt-out provision won't last any longer than it did in Massachusetts, where it is now not possible to remove your child from any lesson where he'll be taught that two women are the same as a man and a woman, and two men are the same as a man and a woman, and that nobody really needs a father or a mother so long as there are at least two parenting partners in his life.  What will more likely happen is that pretty soon, kindergartners will be taught that anybody who opposes gay "marriage" is a bigot, sending five-year-olds home in tears to ask why mommy and daddy are bigots who think that it's best for kids to have a mommy and a daddy.  'Cause that will be good for families.  Sure.

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L. said...

Interesting -- coincidentally, my partner just moved to Chicago for three years for his job, but the kids and I didn't go with him this time, so this particular issue won't affect our family after all.

Also, why "at least two parenting partners?" The more, the better -- but just one is quite adequate, as I'm finding out for myself.

As for your example of the traumatized five-year old, a kid whose parents hold strong opinions needs to learn to toughen up. Heck, I know this because my own kids went to Catholic school for 4 years, and got to learn that their parents weren't "really" married, and other such notions. But I expected all of that -- just as a religious family who chooses to send their children to secular schools should expect that they will be exposed to ideas contrary to what they're being taught at home.