Thursday, September 19, 2013

Read it

You will probably be hearing a lot of talk about the Pope's interview in America.  We may even talk about it a bit here next week, if I can spend some time reading it again and thinking about it a bit.

But what I encourage all of my readers to do is to go and read it.

This link will take you there.

I ask you to read it because lots of people will tell you what the pope said, pulling words or phrases out of context, making it sound like Pope Francis wants to change things or remove things or that he's slamming this group or chiding that one.

None of that is true.  This is a deep, thoughtful interview that left me feeling rather awed.  And even that requires a word of explanation: I'm not awed in a "Wow, he's so much better than the previous two popes!" way but awed in the sense of "I had no idea of the real depth of Pope Francis' thinking and ideas, and how well they fit in with the ideas of the last two popes when you really listen to what he is saying."

So go and read the interview sometime this weekend (it's lengthy, so it may take a bit).  And I'll probably have some specifics to talk about early next week.

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