Monday, October 14, 2013

Brief blog break

Most of my most dedicated readers have already figured this out, but I'm taking a brief blog break--perhaps another week or so.  I've been sick, and now that I'm finally starting to get better I'm looking at my "to do" list with a sort of fascinated horror; being sick three weeks in "mom time" is sort of like being sick three months in ordinary time, so to speak.

Now: every time I let people know I'm taking a break, I get some smart-alecky Catholic blogger or three out there making fun of me for doing so, because, come on, you're just a lay woman blogger with a tiny insignificant blog so who cares if you're not blogging, lady... For the benefit of these gentlemen, I'll just mention that I announce this sort of thing for three types of people: 1) family members who read my blog regularly; 2) real-life friends who read my blog regularly; and 3) online friends who read my blog regularly.  All of these people know two things about me: one, that I tend to post every weekday, and two, that when I don't post every weekday something is up.  And then I get the phone calls from family checking in or offering casseroles, and the emails from friends both online and real life making sure that there's not some kind of crisis occurring, or asking me why I haven't posted on this or that amazingly important topic.  My announcement of blog breaks, then, is aimed at these dear people whose love and concern means everything to me, not to smart-alecky Catholic bloggers who think it's just a scream that a tiny insignificant blogger would tell people she's not blogging and even explain why.

In short, gentlemen, it's not about you.  Many things are not.  Shocker, I know.  Hopefully this explanation will save you the time you might otherwise have wasted on your fun-poking blog posts today; however, if that's really all the fun you're liable to get this week, it would be churlish of me to stop you, and it certainly isn't a problem for me if you choose to waste your time this way anyway--except that I hate to see caustic wit and clever invective wasted on such trivia.  Couldn't you at least wait until I'm blogging again and shred one of my posts criticizing Republicans or opining that women do not actually have to wear skirts and veils instead of this one?  Just a thought.


Deirdre Mundy said...

I figure it's also a courtesy to those of us who don't do RSS feeds... saves me the hassle of checking in multiple times a day to see if you've posted! :)

Erin Manning said...

Deirdre--LOL! :) I've gone to Feedly and like it, but not everybody does.

Anyway, I'd count you as an online friend (if that's okay).


Deirdre Mundy said...

I'm happy to count as an online friend--- but your steadfast refusal to join the cult of Facebook makes you astoundingly difficult to keep up with!

L. said...

I'm not sure you would count me as an "online friend" (since if I lived next door, you'd probably try hard to keep your children away from mine).

But still, I know you suffer from chronic migraines. Whenever you don't post for a while, I hope you're not ailing. So the notice of a hiatus is a good thing.

Deirdre Mundy said...

L. Actually, my guess is that if you lived next door, Erin would have you over for tea so you could both have the fun of arguing in person.